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Exclusive Interview with Ramya M – Co-Founder and CFO of Techurate

Could you provide a glimpse into Techurate’s founding year and its journey in the digital banking technology sector since then?…

Exclusive Interview with Ramya M – Co-Founder and CFO of Techurate

Exclusive Interview with Ramya M – Co-Founder and CFO of Techurate

  1. Could you provide a glimpse into Techurate’s founding year and its journey in the digital banking technology sector since then?

Founded in 2015, Techurate Systems Private Limited has embarked on an impressive journey within the digital banking technology sector with its product-driven solution modules. The company was established with a vision to empower the financial services industry by providing affordable and innovative software solutions. Since its inception, Techurate has been committed to bringing financial inclusivity with its digital banking solutions, making them accessible to a wide range of financial institutions, from RRBs and credit societies to multi-state cooperative banks and major financial organizations.

Over the years, Techurate has rapidly evolved, becoming a key player in the fintech field. The company’s founder and CEO, Harshavardhan Pusala, drew inspiration from his experience implementing core banking solutions in Africa, where he saw the transformative potential of technology in banking services. This insight led to the creation of Tigiverse, a digital service platform that encompasses various product modules designed to drive complete digital inclusion across the financial services industry.

The company’s journey has been marked by accolades and awards, recognizing its innovative contributions to the fintech landscape. Recently, it received recognition as one of the top 10 Fintech solution providers for 2023-24 by CIOtech and Banking Frontier. Additionally, one of its product modules, Smart Branch, was awarded “The Most Innovative Product” at Technoviti 2023-24.


  1. How does Techurate ensure seamless and secure third-party app integration through its products?

Techurate ensures seamless and secure third-party app integration through its products by implementing rigorous testing and deploying robust APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). These APIs serve as bridges between different software systems, enabling smooth communication and data exchange while maintaining stringent data security and compliance. By incorporating stringent security measures such as vulnerability and performance testing, Techurate ensures the protection of sensitive customer data throughout the integration process, aligning with the highest industry standards.

Techurate’s flagship product, the Tigiverse platform, adopts a holistic approach to integration, catering to the requirements of both financial institutions and their customers. The company’s steadfast commitment to data secrecy and privacy underscores the paramount importance of safeguarding customers’ sensitive information. This commitment extends to the integration of third-party apps, where data security remains a central focus.

By placing a strong emphasis on secure integration, Techurate not only facilitates a seamless user experience but also fosters a foundation of trust between financial institutions and their valued customers.


  1. Can you briefly explain the industries you cater to beyond digital banking, considering Techurate’s specialization in software development?

Techurate’s specialization in software development extends beyond digital banking, encompassing a diverse range of industries and sectors. While digital banking remains a core focus, Techurate leverages its expertise to address the unique challenges of various sectors and contribute to global financial inclusion. An integral focus area for Techurate is underbanked and unbanked economies globally. By partnering with financial institutions in these regions, Techurate engages at the grassroots to promote financial literacy through digital outreach. Their commitment to worldwide financial inclusion is evident in initiatives like onboarding 10 million users to the TIGIVERSE platform within the next two years, aiming to integrate rural and unbanked populations.

The adaptable product modules under Techurate’s flagship product TIGIVERSE finds its utility beyond digital banking, spanning microfinance, community commerce, farming and the emerging metaverse. This flexibility empowers Techurate to tailor solutions for specific industry challenges, showcasing their commitment to impactful, industry-tailored solutions.

One notable achievement is the creation of the Virtual Farmer’s Market (VFM), an innovative digital platform leveraging cutting-edge technology to digitalize agriculture. By fostering collaboration among stakeholders across the agricultural value chain—governments, financial institutions, buyers, suppliers, advisors, and farmers—VFM enhances productivity, food security, and livelihoods of the farmers. Techurate has a success story in implementing VFM in Zambia in association with PayGo, in partnership with the World Food Programme, illustrating Techurate’s dedication to progress and financial inclusion through software prowess.

An additional innovative module within Tigiverse is the Smart Branch Module, an intelligent automation system for banks to digitize customer interactions, including onboarding, deposits, withdrawals, and more. Recognized as “The Most Innovative Product” at Technoviti 2023-24 by Banking Frontier, this solution streamlines banking operations, reduces wait times, and serves as a versatile medium for local retailers. It features paperless workflow management promoting Green Banking, smart operations, and assistants, complemented by Business Analytics and Reporting. With an intuitive user interface, customers find it user-friendly. The module integrates image-capture functionality, eliminating manual proofing and encoding. It extends banking access to remote areas through agent-operated extended branches, fostering financial inclusion in regions lacking physical bank branches.

Techurate’s software mastery transcends digital banking, impacting industries like agriculture, microfinance, and community commerce. Our inventive solutions and commitment to financial inclusion are exemplified by endeavours like the Virtual Farmer’s Market, Smart Branch Module, demonstrating technology’s potential to drive positive change and economic growth across diverse sectors.

  1. What is the best way for individuals or organizations to learn more about Techurate’s offerings and get in touch?

For individuals or organizations seeking to explore Techurate’s comprehensive offerings and engage with the company, the best way is to visit Techurate’s official website. The website provides an insightful overview of Techurate’s products, services, and the industries it caters to. Additionally, the website offers contact information, allowing interested parties to connect directly with the Techurate team.


Through the website, visitors can access detailed information about Tigiverse’s capabilities, the range of Smart Banking Modules, and Techurate’s commitment to sustainable and inclusive digital transformation. By reaching out via the provided contact details, individuals and organizations can initiate conversations, seek personalized solutions, and embark on a journey towards innovation-driven digital transformation with Techurate.