Faheem Rahiman man behind many top Music Albums in India

Some people are hidden gems of music and movie world. They make stars by remaining backstage. We found one hidden star which is known for his work in the Indian music industry. Faheem Rahiman, a famous name of the music world, is the founder of a company called “Third Eye Films L.L.C.” Faheem is basically and line producer. He is known for making music videos and T.V.C.

People like Faheem Rahiman makes people famous for their reliable work in the music industry. People like Faheem Rahiman are responsible for raising the bar of the music industry of India to top. Faheem Rahiman and his team are working hard in the music industry to make our music more popular than ever in every corner of the world with their inspirational vision.

Faheem’s taste of music is just fab. He knows what will work in today’s time. He has the experience of working with top names of the world. Faheem Rahiman has worked with top names like David Zennie, Robby Singh, Savio, Naushad Khan, Aravinder Khaira, Satvinder, Josan Broz and many more directors who are a famous name in World cinema and music world.

Faheem has also worked with top artists of our time like Dilijit Dosanjh, Sukhe, B praak, Jaani, Fazilpuria, Big Dhillon, Sunanda Sharma, Anmol Gagan, Dev Negi, Kshtiji Tarey, Manindar Buttar, Niti Taylor and many more top artists worldwide. He has done more than 45 songs in recent times which shows his experience and class.

No one is left with whom Faheem has not worked in music world. The above list is of top names of today’s time, and he has worked with everyone, which shows his importance in the music world and his talent too.

Very few know that Faheem Rahiman looked a song which made history in the music world of Sunanda Sharma, its whole production. This song of Sunanda Sharma is the only song which is shot on car stunts.

Faheem Rahiman is now busy with the latest songs with top artists like Darshan Raval, Ash King, Sukhe, Guru Kohli and many more. Phew!! This guy is going to make big looking to his work we feel he will make history in the music world.

Faheem Rahiman is also experienced in making TVC. He has done work with the world’s top brands.

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