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Fancall Application: The New Revolution Of The Digital World

With the surge of demand in technology, tech firms are responding by developing a number of advanced applications and platforms.…

Fancall Application: The New Revolution Of The Digital World

With the surge of demand in technology, tech firms are responding by developing a number of advanced applications and platforms. While a majority of the startups may be struggling to keep up with this demand, a certain Indian company named Fancall Pvt. Ltd. is all set to mark the beginning of a revolution in the digital world. Their application, Fancall, is about to change how you engage with YouTubers.

The evolution of content creators and their followers has gone through a steady change throughout the last few decades. The distance between stars and their fans has been shrinking considerably  from movie theatres to TV screens, and now from social media content to Facebook and YouTube live. What do you think is the next step in this evolution? Personal video calls. Yes, you read that right.

Fancall allows people to connect directly with their favourite YouTubers. When the founders of this startup were asked about the motto behind the app, they said, ÂWith this platform, we want to bridge the gap between YouTubers and their fans. It doesnÂt have to be any more complicated than that. The Fancall app comes with radical features which benefit both the creators and their audience. Engaging in one-on-one live video calls allows the development of a deeper connection between the creators and their fans.

Influencer marketing and social commerce are also becoming increasingly lucrative career paths. Research companies estimate the global market size of this sector could be $3,369 billion by 2028. Creators and businesses that are fairly new to this can face multiple issues including the involvement of third-party agencies as intermediaries. Fancall does away with this by allowing brands/businesses to connect directly with their preferred YouTubers. No third parties. Now they just have to converse personally with the creators face-to-face to crack the deal and elevate their businesses. This, according to the startup, will also allow small and medium scale businesses to benefit from this huge untapped marketing opportunity.

Following Google, YouTube is the biggest search engine that allows people to learn and showcase their talents to the world. Often, people subscribe to the creator’s channel to learn something new, during which, they post their doubts in the comments section. Sadly, most of them go unanswered. Replying to every comment is also a hassle for the creators. Fancall tackles this situation by bridging the communication gap between the two. Now, the viewers can simply Fancall them and get their doubts cleared.

In todayÂs world, collaboration plays a key role in increasing the engagement and value of the creators content. With the help of Fancall, collaborating with your preferred creators becomes easier than ever. No more waiting for days to get a reply. With this application, one can collaborate without going through a layer of intermediaries, and face-to-face, at that. So bid adieu to the delayed responses, connect with your desired YouTubers at the tap of the button.

The Indian startup, Fancall Pvt. Ltd., brings in groundbreaking innovation with the Fancall application, which was born with a single purpose  to bridge the communication gap between creators and their audience. This revolutionary platform is the worldÂs first and only platform in that does what it does, and is a boon to YouTubers as well as their fans and small businesses. The scheduling process, as well as the interface of the app, are a reflection of their firm belief in the KISS (keep it simple, silly) model. With the launch of the Fancall app, it might be safe to say that we are one step (or tap) closer to a digital revolution.