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Fatmir Sufa’s song “Cak Pak” get about 10 million views on YouTube

Fatmir Sufa’s song “Cak Pak” get about 10 million views on YouTube

Fatmir Sufa is a young singer who has entered the Albanian music market with some songs that have become hit

In an interview, he tells the fans some more details about his life, the reasons why women like so much, relationships with them, and plans for the future.

For all those people who listen to your name for the first time today or even those who listen to your songs, but just so, who is Fatmire, some details about your life …

– Fatmir Sufa, 25, born in Debar, Peshkopi. For the time being, I live in Tirana. With the music I enjoy that small, my first video clip was made in 2010.

What’s up in your clips is the presence of foreign women, why this election? Even on Instagram you have a lot of photos of half naked sex girls who keep your name, why do you choose them?

– But some of my clips have been made abroad for the clip girls are foreign. Yes there are many foreign women who make my photo my wish to be published on my profile …

What are your current plans and current plans for music?

– I’m currently working on music, and soon will bring a new album.

What is your most successful song?

– My most successful song is “Cak Pak”. About 10 million clicks on YouTube.

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