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Finance coach; Mukul Agrawal, shares the benefits of stock market investment

Finance coach; Mukul Agrawal, shares the benefits of stock market investment

“An investment with financial education pays the best interests.” The extraordinary COVID19 pandemic’s fast spread has put the globe at risk and abruptly transformed the global picture. As several countries implement tight quarantine rules to combat the Covid virus, their economic operations are abruptly halted. Transportation between countries is restricted, if not forbidden, which has hampered global economic activity. The economic turbulence produced by Covid-19 has had a considerable impact on the financial market.

On the other side, there has been significant growth in the number of persons investing in the stock market. The stock market has resulted to be a boon for people who invested here after achieving quality education in it. Mukul Agrawal, a leading finance coach, technical analysis trainer stock market, TEDx speaker, entrepreneur, and founder of ‘Agrawal Corporate’ he has been training and consulting individuals for online trading of the stock market for the last 18 years, and to date he has taught around 10000 students.

‘those who make friendship with the company can always get the best return as an investor.’ As the recent past has made more people investing in the stock market, this has led Mukul Agrawal to train people through digital medium and he is educating people all around the world with his series of videos which can be seen on YouTube. He has gained huge fame on the YouTube channel and has almost 5 lacks subscribers who look over him for leaving the stock market investment system.

His mission is to train people with the right skills so they can decide on buying and selling the stock and minimize the losses and maximize the profit. He was also invited b man schools and organizations to motivate and enhance the audience. His hard work and dedication have made him achieve ‘National Achievers Award for Social Service’ in the year 2019. ‘Learn every day, but especially from the experience of others. It’s beneficial.’ The primary goal of investing is to ensure that everyone may achieve their long-term financial objectives. Due to various advantages of investing in stocks, the stock market is one of the oldest and most popular financial channels. Some are Higher liquidity; The majority of firms’ shares are traded on one or both of the exchanges. Investors gain from enhanced liquidity because normal daily volumes are high.

As a result, if an investor wishes to purchase or sell a product on the stock markets, this liquidity facilitates the process. Higher return in a short period of time; stock investing provides investors an excellent possibility of making greater returns in comparatively shorter time periods. Acquire ownership and right to vote; Even if an investor acquires a single share in a company, he acquires a portion of ownership in the company. This ownership, in turn, provides investors the right to vote and offer their contribution to the strategic movement of the business. Ease; Stock exchanges are also utilizing numerous technological improvements to give investors with better convenience. The operations are all carried out on an electronic system to provide participants with the best investing opportunities in a transparent atmosphere. Before investing, investors should learn the fundamentals of the stock market and undertake research to avoid risks and maximize returns.

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