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Folk singer Inderjeet Inderjeet

The dialect changes after four kos in Himachal, but the singing of folk singer Inderjeet has erased this distinction of dialects. The magic of his typical Kullvi folk songs speaks loudly to all the fans including children and elders of every dialect.

Suresh Sur, who has been trained in acting at Namit Kapoor Acting (Lab) Institute Mumbai, is behind this flair of his voice. Suresh Sur has conducted classes in this institute along with Ranveer Singh, the hero of many films including Bajirao Mastani, Ramleela.Suresh, a resident of Kullu, also worked in many serials and films. Inderjeet songs under his direction have been seen and heard crores of times on YouTube. Dozens of songs like ‘Ladi Shavniye’, ‘Budhua Mama’, ‘Solma’, ‘Saja Laga Maghe Ra’ by Inderjeet are in full swing.

His Ladi Shavaniye folk song has been viewed on YouTube about 38 lakhs, Budhua Mama 3.55 lakhs, Solma 26 lakhs and Saja Laga Maghe Ra about 24 lakhs times. This list is very long. 26-year-old Indrajeet said that the songs have been seen by more than three crore viewers. If Suresh Sur was not with him, this stage would not have happened. We both put money out of pocket. Traveled for miles on the Lag Valley of Kullu. Filmed on old houses and typical hill people.

Today, happy that those who were disappointed in playing with Pahari singing are patting us on the back.” 35-year-old Suresh Sur says, “Love brought me back to Kullu. I got married to Indu. The ‘I’ of my I Sur studio is my wife’s first initials. Buy expensive cameras after marriage. Indra himself worked hard on his singing. I made videos in such a way that maximum people can see them.

Inderjeet and Suresh Sur experimented with Solma folk songs. When dialogues were put in it, it became a short film. This duet song is sung by Inderjeet and folk singer Charu Sharma. Inderjeet himself acted. He is accompanied by heroine Sujata Negi, a resident of Bagshad in Karsog, who plays the role of Solma. Sujata does a government job in the State Secretariat Shimla and people call her by the name Solma. Inderjeet, a native of Lag Ghati, said that on Monday, Solma-do song was also launched in Kullu.

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