Food aficionado Utpal Khot – using food effectively to connect with Humans & Animals

Utpal Khot

Utpal Khot is a food aficionado and a renowned, reputed food blogger. He has done lot of research for years on Indian food. He is regularly called by Food brands and Restaurants for consultancy and commands respect in the field. He has been doing restaurant reviews and exploring the world of food in all aspects. He helps bring some of the best recipes by well-known chefs in the Industry with some modifications and new concepts. Utpal Khot is the founder of the Lifestyle and Food Blog This blog is based on lifestyle, food, and travel diaries. He has featured in the Annual Godrej Food Trends Report 3rd time in a row. He is currently consulting some of the oldest and reputed Global brands in the Indian Food Industry. He is the best person to get any food-related suggestion from. He has been exceptionally good at helping the developing restaurants to have better ideas about food. His contribution to the culinary field is huge and he aims to do things differently. He believes that “In this life, nothing is difficult but different. Goal setting is vital for anyone to pave the way for success.

His current professional and prime work is to work as a Social Media Strategist in the Corporate field. Also being a social media strategist, Utpal Khot is trying his best to put a positive influence on people from all aspects. Utpal Khot is an outstanding influencer who intends to bring positive atmosphere to the society by doing things differently. From being in the field of para banking activities & Market research during his corporate life to running a 4000+ member Social Media Team for his clients, Uptal Khot has proved to be a man with courage.

His dreamto do something for the society since his childhood is completed now. As he is able to feed and serve people and animals with all he can. His life mantra is “To walk the extra mile that many people return from”.  He is the man who aims to bring change and growth to society. He wanted to contribute to society and feels that serving animals is the best way to contribute. Uptal Khot runs a NGO which is mainly for serving stray animals. In a world, where everyone is busy with their own rat race to earn money, this man is working day and night to serve animals. He is encouraging and guiding people to work as volunteers in his team. Uptal Khot is an inspiration and idol for all the men and women still perplexed about what to do in their lives. This legend in his field has received the “Real Super Heroes” tag as an award by the FISA for his contribution to serving animals. His altruistic acts and clean intention have pushed him to the heights of success and satisfaction where he stands today.

After all this achievement and receiving so much appreciation, he still remains humble and avoids limelight. It is also important to mention that his working silently has got noticed by many and they are not willing to let Utpal Khot stop here, but to go way beyond and achieve more success.

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