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Founder of YAKS Group, Yax Sheth, takes over industry via advanced technology

Market research firms can now build self-service platforms where clients can construct their brief micro-surveys using technology. The research has also grown more agile as a result of it. Agile market research is a method based on agile software development that prioritises multiple little tests over a few big bets, rapid iterations over big campaigns, testing and data above opinions and conventions, and adapting to change over sticking to a plan. YAKS Group, founded by Yax Sheth along with his partners, is one such organisation that specialises in technological creation as well as comprehensive market research for a variety of industries.

Taking inspiration from Chanakya, Yax has also been a dreamer since his school days and has always dreamt of doing something extraordinary which sets him apart from the crowd. He was always clear with his purpose and ultimate goal while pursuing engineering. While his fellow mates were taking up jobs in the last year of engineering, he was busy registering for his own venture.

YAKS Group, a Vadodara-based firm, uses an innovative way to solve business difficulties. They are a set of businesses that offer digital services. They turn people's ideas into digital creations because there are few companies capable of doing so in their field. They have 40% of clients who have tried other companies' services and not gotten what they needed, so they approach them for help. With their own formula, they also provide high-quality harmful chemical-free personal care products.

Being the leading light of such a big company, his entrepreneurial journey has been full of ups and downs till now. He has also taken a personal loan to finance his team's payroll and with his team, the business has grown by 200 times.

There has been a continual production of revenue since the covid pandemic struck the market. However, there has been a shift in the manner revenue is generated. Currently, 40 times more money is spent on medical care and 60 times less money is spent on luxury or entertainment. Regardless of the scenario, innovative approaches have always had a distinct position in the market.

Yax has received numerous awards as a business virtuoso, including ‘Youngest CEO of the Year' and ‘Startup CEOs of the Year.' As a passion for public speaking, he has given over 50 start-up seminars in colleges since he enjoys sharing his knowledge and learning with budding entrepreneurs.

Not only has he won honours for himself, but also for his company "Best Direct Selling Software Company of the Year" and "Most Innovative Company of the Year." As he always had a vision of doing something different from the world, his aim is to contribute to society in all possible manner . He has planned NGOs in several industries with a specific goal in mind: to mould India's destiny by providing ultimate wisdom to India's next generation.

Having focused and clear ideas for the organisation, YAKS Group is a corporation that is quickly expanding in every way. They intend to increase their production capacities by 80% year over year (Year on Year). And also intend to open 100 or more stores by 2023. In terms of technology, they are working on two distinct concepts that will be available in the market until the middle of 2022. The YAKS Group is aiming for a revenue of 40 million rupees each year. They currently serve clients in 12 countries around the world and want to expand to 13 more by 2025.

“If you are thinking about starting something or have anything in mind, just go for it,” he advised the aspiring entrepreneur, based on his years of experience. “There will be many challenges, problems, prioritised complaints from loved ones, and sacrifices along the way, but trust me, it will be worth it. Patience is essential for becoming a market leader in your field. You must be as cunning as a lion when attacking and retreating so that you can learn from your customer's psychology.”

When it comes to the power of social media, he recommends that one should utilise it for business, such as personal branding. But also make sure that one doesn’t become addicted to it by doing so. Yax and his partners have completely self-funded his company, demonstrating his dedication to his profession. It plainly distinguishes him from the rest of the world, which is exactly what he desired.

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