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From Being A Startup Owner To Becoming An Expert Building Other Startups, Teamology Founder's Journey In The Digital Realm

From Being A Startup Owner To Becoming An Expert Building Other Startups, Teamology Founder's Journey In The Digital Realm

For a backbencher who has dropped out of BBA to pursue the new and emerging vocation of Bachelors in Computer Applications, the coming events in his life were raising shadows in his teenage years itself, at that point, the now startup geek and certified digital marketer Gulrez Alam had never dreamed of building a million-dollar business a few years down the line, but the farsighted teenager had dreamt of not settling for less and going forward with his dreams no matter what.

After struggling with several scams and feeling doomed to look forward towards having the life that he truly wanted, he took a plunge to start his own government job portal which had all those issues in place which deviated him from the path that he wanted to follow, he could never himself land into a Sarkari Naukri but rather he built a platform which has helped millions in this pursuit.

Those failures were necessary for him to be extra motivated to lead an unconventional platform which fuelled the fire of the expert digital marketer who today is the master of many trades.

His startup 'sarkarkinaukriind' has been performing well on all fronts when the startup geek in Gulrez Alam wanted to start something that truly changes the stage for small and medium businesses.

Having transformed the lives of many with his first venture that in a matter of some years was India's one stop destination for all updates related to government job vacancies in India, he began looking to build a powerful platform that would provide digital marketing and Digital PR solutions to all those potential startups that have it in them to lead globally but lack the resources to become one.

This vision gave birth to Teamology. The phoenix has risen and so did the rigorous pursuit of collaborating with big giants to leverage the reach of small yet potential businesses, today, Teamology has a noteworthy circulation with over 100+ authority media houses in collaboration.

Having been on the other end where several business owners stand as to how they can leverage their visibility and reach, Gulrez Alam takes pride in having provided that platform to more than ten thousand clients in a period of less than an year.

To share this expertise in PR with a wider audience, Gulrez Alam has authored a revolutionary book on 'All About PR for begineers' which will be available soon for all PR and digital marketing aspirants to get valuable insights on.

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