Journey of Arting Out Loud Creating Big Things Beyond Big Brands



From Local to Limelight: Arting Out Loud’s Journey of Creating Big Things Beyond Big Brands

“Your willingness to create big things shouldn’t hinge on working with big brands.” In a world where the sparkle of…

From Local to Limelight: Arting Out Loud’s Journey of Creating Big Things Beyond Big Brands

Somil Pandey, Founder of Arting Out Loud

“Your willingness to create big things shouldn’t hinge on working with big brands.” In a world where the sparkle of big brands often dominates the narrative, Arting Out Loud stands as a testament to the power of originality, creativity, and unwavering zeal to make brands stand out. Founded in 2017 by just three individuals in the culturally vibrant city of Lucknow, Arting Out Loud set out on a bold mission: to be the last standing agency that a brand, either big or small, would need.

Fast forward to today, and Arting Out Loud has not only defied the odds but has emerged as a force to be reckoned with in the competitive world of creative agencies. What began as a modest endeavour has blossomed into a thriving community of nearly fifty talented individuals, with a track record of over 300 successful projects under their belt.

At the heart of Arting Out Loud’s journey is a steadfast commitment to their core belief: that creativity knows no bounds, and that true innovation can emerge from even the most unexpected places. Rather than chasing after big cities and big brands, Arting Out Loud sought to draw them to their doorstep, with Lucknow serving as the unlikely yet perfect incubator for their burgeoning creativity. To take the league ahead in 2024, Arting Out Loud has garnered 75-80% of its clientele from Bangalore, Hyderabad, Gurugram and major metro cities across India. In the journey of making brands stand out, the agency swiftly went beyond borders and rewrote the brand stories of Singapore.

Central to Arting Out Loud success has been their ability to adapt and evolve, continuously refining their craft technically and expanding their repertoire of services. Collaborating with renowned names such as Marriott On Wheels, Nova, Fairfield Marriott, Barberos, and The Top Knot, the agency has not only showcased their creative prowess but has also demonstrated their versatility across a wide range of industries.

A key pillar of Arting Out Loud’s approach lies in their end to end advertising strategy, which goes beyond mere transactional relationships to foster long-term partnerships built on trust, mutual respect, and a shared vision for success. By offering a comprehensive suite of services – from Branding and Content Strategy to Business Development Consulting, Performance Marketing, Influencer Outreach, and Visual Production Strategizing – Arting Out Loud has positioned itself as the go-to solution for brands seeking innovative and impactful solutions to their diverse needs. Far from being just another service provider, the agency sees themselves as growth partners, deeply invested in realising their clients’ visions and propelling their businesses to new heights. This ethos permeates every aspect of their work, from their meticulous attention to detail to their genuine care and dedication to seeing their clients thrive.

But perhaps what is most remarkable about Arting Out Loud is not just their success as an agency, but the inclusive community they have cultivated along the way. Be it the creative

workforce, or their brand partners and clients, their community stands strong and tall beside the agency. More than just a workplace, Arting Out Loud is a haven for artists, designers, and aspiring entrepreneurs alike, united by a shared passion for creativity and innovation.

Here, talent is nurtured, ideas are celebrated, and collaboration is not just encouraged but embraced as the lifeblood of their collective endeavours.

As Arting Out Loud continues to chart new territories and push the boundaries of what’s possible, they extend an invitation to all who share their vision: to join them in their journey of creativity, collaboration, and endless possibility. Whether you’re a startup founder, a dreaming creative individual, or an established brand eager to forge enduring partnerships, Arting Out Loud welcomes you to be a part of their ever-expanding community, where every idea has a home and every vision has the potential to become a successful reality.