Girls, its’s time to reveal identity of the SPG Commando- the new ‘National Crush’

SPG Commando

Recently, there was a huge lapse in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s security during his visit to the poll-bound state of Punjab. There was a huge political storm regarding the matter and the photos and videos of PM stuck on flyover went viral. In the viral photos, the car of the Prime Minister was seen guarded by the SPG (Special Protection Group) Commandos who encircled the PM’s car. However, a few days later, on social media platforms, a man emerged, taking the net by the storm. No, we are not talking about the Prime Minister but one of the SPG Commandos who was seen holding an FN P90 combat assault rifle. 

Yes, the security personnel in the black suit holding the combat rifle and guarding the Prime Minister’s car suddenly became an overnight internet sensation on Twitter. People started to post his picture with captions like ‘He is our Hero’.  A lot of girls, suddenly started to post his picture, calling him the new ‘National Crush’ of India. A girl tweeted “I wish I could get married to him’. Another lady wrote, “Send Rishtas” (Send Marriage Proposals). Someone also wrote, “ What happened was a disgrace but have a look at this SPG Commando”. The SPG Commando was all over the net with girls going all gaga over him. 

However, not much was known about the security personnel who showed a brilliant display of valor and braveness as he guarded the Prime Minister and did his duty diligently. But, now the identity of the Special Protection Group’s personnel is finally out. A Twitter handle with the name ‘JAT_SAMAAJ’ today revealed his identity. As per the handle, the SPG personnel is popularly called ‘Chaudhary Sahab’ in his hometown and he hails from Baraut in Baghpat (Uttar Pradesh). The Tweet reads out “Where the matter is big, there Jat stands in the forefront. Chaudhary sahab from Baraut (Baghpat). Identity classified. #PMSecurityBreach #Punjab

With this whole timeline of events, it is clear that the Indians can derive out the fun from any given situation. 

The India Saga does not authenticate the claims made by the Twitter handle of Jat_Samaj. 

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