Govind Bhadu who is been motivating youths by his seminars and videos

Govind Bhadu

We have seen a hero in stories, but in real life, there is little faith in the words of such a hero. Such incidents either seem like fiction, or we just make fun of them.The second aspect is also that those who believe in these things and move forward on the path of struggle. Govind Badu works to spread these thoughts and messages among the youth. After traversing a struggling path, Govind has tasted success. In today’s competitive times, Govind Bhadu inspires thousands of youth through his words. When we get tired and become pessimistic, people like Govind help us and show us the way.

Govind Bhadu says that as he had to cover such a distance due to paucity of resources, he had to remain in dilemma countless times due to lack of experience. It is said that in such times, even his close ones do not support, Govind has also faced these problems in life. He knows very well how difficult it is to persevere in times of struggle. Mr. Bhadu says, “When the hopes start running out, the end of the path may not be seen but still the spirits are high. When such a situation strikes inside you, then you should understand that now you are about to step on the ladder of success. To say that many people support us during this time, encourage them. But unless we ourselves are motivated for it, all the motivation is useless.”

The question is, how will this motivation be awakened? Govind Bhadu says that we hear the story of someone who has faced the same challenges as us and has been able to achieve his objective today, the words of these people give courage to those people. India is a country of youth. In such a situation, it is most important to give direction to the youth here. When every individual achieves his set goal, then the country will automatically reach the pinnacle of success. A book with a key to success does not work in this. We hear that we are influenced by these stories written in books but if we support them through direct listening and discussions, then they become more connected. That’s what affects them the most

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