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Govinda Sharma: The Journey from Corporate job to Basketball player and coach has been incredible

Govinda Sharma has been an incredible person as far as sports like Basketball is concerned.

He has been an ace basketball player and coach and he has worked hard to gain this standard. He has been working with top multinational companies with lucrative salaries but his dream to play in sports like Basketball made him leave his corporate career. He headed to Singapore to get his professional training and then got the chance to play as a basketball player. He has gone ahead to become a FIBA 3×3 certified basketball player.

In fact, he is the only one in the country to be the only FIBA 3×3 certified basketball player. He started playing different tournaments including the national and international tournaments. Later he went on to become a player of international repute and then shifted to be a coach. He helped his team win big in different tournaments in basketball particularly in 2019 just before the calamity of Covid came. He also was the head coach of the NBA Basketball School and also has been the coach of the national level tournaments.

This has gained him a good popularity to this man in the sports circle and we now see this man to be the brand ambassador of the government of India initiatives like Fit India movement. He has been promoting this program to make people healthy and help them tread this path.

Besides, he owns a couple of sports academies as well in places like Delhi and Siliguri to name a few. Lastly, he is a great foodie, and this makes him to be the part of ventures like ‘’ Sadde Daddy da Truck “. With this venture, he is taking care of the taste of different foodies. You can Follow him on Instagram : https://instagram.com/govindasharma7

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