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Gurukul Infraa: Redefining the Redevelopment Space in Mumbai with Ace

The Indian land sector is expected to grow to US$1 trillion by the year 2030 while it is also predicted…

Gurukul Infraa: Redefining the Redevelopment Space in Mumbai with Ace

The Indian land sector is expected to grow to US$1 trillion by the year 2030 while it is also predicted that the sector will contribute 13% of the countryÂs GDP by the advent of 2025. The growing need of India has enabled the real estate industry to flourish in recent times. With this, there has also been the rise of the re-development trend in the Indian real estate industry which was predominantly a western trend even a few decades ago. Especially in major cities like Mumbai, there are hundreds of old buildings owned by the housing societies which require proper maintenance. In this scenario, reconstruction or redevelopment can be a viable way to enhance the living qualities of the citizens cost-effectively.

Kapil Raj Gulati, a visionary entrepreneur making a difference in the real estate industry, joined his fatherÂs company Gurukul Infraa in 2015 with an aim to make the dream of a perfect house possible for the common mass. With an MBA degree and considerable experience in the corporate world, Kapil is all set to take Gurukul Infraa to new heights. With his work over the years, he is here sharing his insights of working into the realty industry.

1) What is the biggest USP that di?erentiates your company from the competitors?

Our main aim through Gurukul Infraa is to feed the prerequisites of a top-notch redevelopment service in a city like Mumbai. Ever since its inception, the companyÂs core focus has been providing the communities around us with proper living spaces. Our expertise in redevelopment and rehabilitation services has gained us a considerable reputation in the Indian real estate market. We work with the housing societies with old buildings and help them to transform the living standards of the society members and new-buyers alike. 

Our redevelopment projects not only offer new-age homes but also state-of-amenities like parks, gyms, swimming pools, and playgrounds. Client satisfaction being our top priority, we take into consideration all of our customerÂs needs and aspirations to deliver them the house they desire. Our ultimate goal is to earn buyerÂs smiles through 100% transparency, timely delivery, and high-quality service.

2) What are the most important trends that you see emerging across the real estate industry?

The city of Mumbai is full of decades-old buildings with low or no maintenance. The living standards of the inhabitants of those buildings are as low as the condition of the buildings. With heavy monsoon and floods every other year, the society owners are now realizing the need for redevelopment of their properties. The Maharashtra Government is also taking initiatives to encourage and promote redevelopment work in the city. In addition, redevelopment of the existing properties is also an effective way to enhance supply and control prices in a city like Mumbai with a housing shortage. So, many big real estate players are gradually investing in redevelopment projects. Our company, Gurukul Infraa, has already worked with some of the biggest industry names and is associated with some of the significant projects in Western and Eastern Mumbai.    

3) What are the challenges you faced in recent times?

The recent years have not been great for the Indian real estate sector. Owing to several new regulations and, of course, the emergence of the pandemic, real estate companies like ours have to face quite a setback. Reforms like the RERA, demonetization, GST, DCPR-2034, dumping ground issues and ambiguity in self-development rules have forced the developers to struggle with project assessment, costing, and feasibility. The advent of Covid19 has also led to the delay of several projects. Despite not attaining a stable price correction, I do not see these challenges as setbacks. Rather, we, at Gurukul Infraa, see these as learning opportunities that will help us in the future with market adaptability and growth.

4) What do you define as your success mantra?

I have always been a hardcore believer in hard work and my mantra is: If you do not work more than what you are paid, you do not deserve what you get. I value work ethic and honesty above anything else. At the same time, I consider adaptability as the major vector to drive growth in an evolving marketplace like real estate. My goal in the company is to deliver the highest quality homes to our customers while following the best market practices.   

5) How are you planning to ace the realty industry in the future?

Without being affected by the recent challenges, our vision of building new homes for our customers is still firm. Our team at Gurukul Infraa is working dedicatedly to streamline the redevelopment projects in this pandemic situation while not compromising the work quality. Our goal is to increase the lifespan of the properties and their market value at the same time. Gurukul Infraa strives to expand its business opportunities while benefiting all the stakeholders. 

His personal motto has always been: Every human heart desires a beautiful home, and we are here to develop it for you. The company follows this even today to transform the redevelopment space in India.
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