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Hardy Singh On Being An Independent Artist & What Keeps Him Motivated

Hardy Singh On Being An Independent Artist & What Keeps Him Motivated

Hardy Singh, better known by his stage name Hardy Singh, is a popular singer and social media personality. The singer became well-known after the release of his first single, 'Beat Tunes.'

The young and successful artist dreamed of being a vocalist and having his own business since he was a child. Hardy Singh grew up listening to some of the world's best musicians and decided to pursue his own passion for music. Hardy Singh is also a YouTuber, a blogger, and a social media influencer. Hardy Singh is also known as the Youngest Entrepreneur of UAE.

Hardy Singh says, "Music brings me joy and tranquillity. As much as I adore listening to music, I also enjoy writing and composing it. I'm grateful that my parents have always encouraged me to pursue my dreams. I understand how difficult it is to be a self-employed artist. But what would life be without some difficulties? Hard work always pays off, and I'm confident that if I keep focused, I'll be able to reach my objectives."

Hardeep Singh, popularly known as Hardy Singh is an entertainer par excellence who has aced his stint in Bollywood and the Punjabi film industry. Hardy Singh has been called to judge several Bhangra contests in Dubai and Malaysia while he also runs an International Bhangra Group in Dubai. Having shared the screen space with several well-known Bollywood Punjabi actors like Gippy Grewal, Diljit Dosanjh, and Sharry Mann, to name a few, Hardy Singh has contributed his enchanting presence in blockbuster songs like "Mascarey Wali Akh and Beautiful-Shivjot" and "Punjabi Anthem - Nirmal Sidhu."

In the future, Hardy Singh says he wants to work with top social media influencers and independent music artists. During the lockdown, he has been writing new songs, which he will share with his fans once they are finished.

"Being an independent artist is tough at times. You have no help and have to do it all by yourself. The way fans have reacted to my first track gave me lots of motivation to keep doing the work. I hope I keep making more songs. I do have a good line-up but I can't speak much about it. Once all the songs are ready, I will share them everywhere," shares musician Hardy Singh.

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