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Helping in the time of misery: Co-Founders turned into Social workers

“Two months ago we established a travel startup company called Triporey ( Triporey.com ) in Hyderabad but due to the sudden outbreak of corona pandemic, all the Trip Bookings got canceled. We stopped our company operation until the situation gets under control.”
Ankur Srivastava and Malleshwar Rao,(Co-Founders of the company) share a bond of friendship for more than five years. They met in a social event and since then they partnered in organizing many events before setting up their first company. 
Triporey is a social travel platform where people can meet discover, collaborate, engage and plan their trips.  The USP of Triporey is to promote and untapped the market potential of cultural trips be it yoga or spiritual tourism. “Cultural and Spiritual tourism is certainly going to be more popular in coming days “ – Said Malleshwar Rao
“With no work currently, we thought of giving our time for social cause and we started a campaign Fight Against Corona in collaboration with FoodIndia.org (a Hyderabad based Social Service Group)” said Ankur Srivastava
The motive of this campaign is to create and promote awareness on safety precautions to prevent Corona Virus and to provide food & necessary items like a mask, soap, etc in the slums to the poor people in the time when Janata curfew and lockdown are currently in force due to Corona. In a country like India where people go for daily wage jobs and run small self-employment jobs, it is a difficult time to cope up with the situation as they can't make any money and still maintaining the household would be a real struggle. They have certainly put forth their hand with this campaign in helping the poor as much. 

Many times they prepare food in their own home, pack and distribute it among the poor with the help of many like-minded friends like Paramanand. When you have the intention to help, you can help no matter how small it still counts- Said Malleshwar Rao

They are hoping the situation will be under control soon and people will start coming out from their home and the happy days will be back. However, they pledge to do the social service even after as it gives a sense of happiness and joy in helping poor people, seeing a smile on their faces.

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