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Awardee list out for WOW Iconic Stylista and Humanitarian awards 2021

Shobhaa M Arya to felicitate Lata Surendra, Hema Malini, Sonu Sood, Rachana Rhythm, Vivek Oberoi, and others with WOW iconic…

Awardee list out for WOW Iconic Stylista and Humanitarian awards 2021

Shobhaa M Arya to felicitate Lata Surendra, Hema Malini, Sonu Sood, Rachana Rhythm, Vivek Oberoi, and others with WOW iconic stylista and humanitarian awards.

The past year and a half have been a tuff one for people all world over. During such testing times, there have been some exceptional stories that have made a difference in society and humanity. Shobhaa M Arya CEO WOW Society to celebrate such heroes and felicitate them with the WOW ICONIC STYLISTA & HUMANITARIAN AWARDS 2021.

Here is a brief on knowing Lata Surendra. She is a renowned performer, a fastidious Mentor, an imaginative choreographer a sought-after curator, a writer and poet, and in the field of dance for over five decades. As a choreographer and performer, she has used the didactic potency of her chosen style ÂBharata Natyam, to highlight not only messages of Saints and Acharyas but also to mirror not only the mythological but also draw attention to environmental, contemporary issues and awaken rasikas through the Art form. Her concern to preserve the poetry in language and the imagination in children in this world of Âhashtags has had her present fairy tales and also gather the synergy of dance with the visual arts, poetry, fashion, and architecture.

As a teacher, her Institution that has completed its Silver Jubilee has brought to the forefront several talented youngsters forefront not only in the city but also in the underprivileged sectors of the Vasai-Virar region who are graded and impaneled artists. Her student list includes several celebrities including Smt Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Girija Oak Godbole, and several others.

As a curator she has with her unique style presented the prestigious Hindustan Times Kalaghoda festival, The Times Celebrate Bandra Festival, The Mohininrithyati Festival for Kerala Sangeet Natak Academi, Satvikam  tracing dance routes to temples, Ekam Âgathering the synergy of diverse dance forms and linking worlds, Swadeshi Runway highlighting the journey of textures and dance forms enhancing our culture through historical transitions.

Unlike dancers concerned only with performances in festivals, she is using it as a therapy to work with differently-abled adults, children with down syndrome and also working with the tribals in the forest region of Kaman.

As the Section president of the first official section of the International Dance Council, she has successfully concluded two world congresses with over 350 delegates from all over the world, converging across seven days through seminars, lectures, workshops, and performances.

The lockdown has had her present over nine virtual dance festivals highlighting diverse themes such as ÂOde to Humanity ÂAprilÂ20, where over 90 dancers all over the world merged to endorse the strength of the human spirit. AAROH ÂMAY Â20 showcasing the ability of differently-abled adults, EKAM in JulyÂ20 to highlight Dance as a bridging metaphor, TRIKALAM- a three-day festival showcasing three generations of dancers, ODE TO THE TREE-March 21, Dance the circle ÂApril 21, and several others.

She has been conferred several titles and awards from religious and social organizations and Dance Sabhas including the Kalashri Puraskaram from Kerala Sangeet Natak Academy, the prestigious Swami Haridas Sammelan .the Global ambassador of peace, etc. She is a recipient of the WOW award initiated by the charismatic Shobha Arya four times over. She has presented research papers and regaled audiences all over the

world and hopes to continue spreading goodwill through dance that to her is the ultimate visual prayer. People from all walks of life to be honored for their tireless contributions to the welfare of society in these unprecedented times. EminentÂs like Sonu Sood, Vivek Oberoi, Rohit Verma, Rhythm Wagholikar, Rachana Shah, Hema Malini, Sandip Soparkar, Lata Surendra, Deepak Mazumdar, Palaaumi Mukherjee, and several others to be coveted with this wow inspiring-honor. Understanding the current situations the award would be digitally programmed. The same would feature on social media platforms on the 20th of June 2021. For over a decade Shobha Arya has been conceptualizing and curating various events and making an impressionable effort in appreciating people and celebrating their contributions. From Politicians, Legendary artists, Bollywood bigwigs to social workers have been awarded the prestigious WOW award.

ÂWOW has always been striving in highlighting people who stand out exceptionally in contributing towards the societal welfare. This pandemic has taught us the importance of our loved ones to another level. These icons whom I have the privilege of honoring have somewhere rekindled hope, infused positivity, and instilled joy to numerous people adds Shobhaa Arya.

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