Higher Demand For Medicines Pushes Sanjivani Pharmacy To Ramp Up Presence Across 14 Tier-II, Tier-III Locations This Year

Sanjivani PharmacySanjivani Pharmacy

COVID-19 pandemic may have brought the shutters down on everything from the swanky malls to your neighborhood grocery shop, but one place that kept its doors open to the rest of the world was the local chemist. The local pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies as well as distributors have not only kept the economy going but they have also sustained India’s fight against coronavirus by providing timely medicines to patients. In keeping with this positive spirit, noted retailer-distributor of drugs for the past 14 years, Sanjivani Pharmacy, has decided to ramp up its presence in Tier-II and Tier-III cities of the country in this fiscal year. Sanjivani Pharmacy is one of the first chains of branded chemists, which began its operations in 2006, and within a few years, it became the most trusted brand for millions of customers in small-town India. This was one of the first pharmacies in the national capital region to open 24×7 services.

The pandemic has fuelled the demand for preventive as well as curative medicines, leaving more and more people dependent upon the neighborhood pharmacy. Moreover, there is huge scope in personalized, doorstep delivery of medicines & pharmaceutical equipment, owing to social distancing norms. The nation-wide lockdown has provided Sanjivani Pharmacy the chance to push its expansion and provide medicinal help in areas not covered thus far. In this direction, the company has opened more than 50 stores across the country between April and June 2020. Almost all of these new stores have been opened in cities and towns with a hitherto negligible medicinal supply network. With these new stores, the Sanjivani Pharmacy franchise model has helped the company reach out to the most remote corners of the country with medicinal supply in the current times of pandemic. NB Marketing Pvt. Ltd. is the parent company of Sanjivani Pharmacy and it sees immense potential in the Indian scenario. As Mayank puts it, “With the current situation of Coronavirus, people are now more conscious and aware than ever before, especially towards preventive and curative medicines. So, the need to have more pharmacy stores to serve the ever-growing demand becomes imperative.”

With the COVID infection showing no signs of relenting anytime soon, Sanjivani Pharmacy is looking forward to setting up 200 more stores across India by the end of the current fiscal. In doing so, the company is going to focus mainly on Tier II and Tier III cities and towns. Mayank Garg, Founder-Chairman of the Pharmacy, informs, “We feel that the Tier II and Tier III locations, where there isn’t any proper infrastructure to supply medicines to people’s doorsteps, are the best way to expand the business. We aren’t looking at from a purely commercial viewpoint. We also want to ensure that the chain of treatment continues unhindered. It shouldn’t be because of a shortage of medicines or pharmacies that a patient should succumb to any illness during these trying times.”

Sanjivani Pharmacy holds expertise in the distribution and retail of a large variety of medicines and medical equipment. With the COVID-19 pandemic, almost all of India was forced to stay indoors. As a result, Sanjivani Pharmacy stepped in to fulfill the demand and supply gap for people confined to their homes. Apart from opening new stores, the Pharmacy also arranged for personalized services to facilitate an easy experience for the customers through features like “no-minimum orders delivery” & “early morning or late night special shifts.” Doing so ensured that essential medicines were never too far away from the people in need and there was minimum wastage of time in delivery. Another innovative method introduced is “fast door-to-door service” which provides customers with medicines within one hour of the order being placed.

Mayank further adds, “Our company specializes in quality healthcare at an affordable price to people. Our array of products includes products that are allopathic, homeopathic, Ayurvedic, surgical, and cosmetic.”

 Besides being awarded the “Franchiser of the Year” award 2017 at the 15th International Franchise & Retails Show, Sanjivani Pharmacy has also bagged significant institutional orders from healthcare brands like Tata Projects, Max Healthcare, and the Embassy of Dubai. Now with opening 50 new stores and looking forward to setting up about 150 stores more, Sanjivani Pharmacy is set to provide an opportunity to small-town pharmacists/retailers to associate with world-class solutions service in the field of pharmaceutical retail & distribution.

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