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How an entrepreneur becomes the new Instagram influencer Puja

How an entrepreneur becomes the new Instagram influencer Puja

Phoenix is a legendary bird that is known to rise from its own ashes. This determination can be seen in Puja Mandavia, a fashion brand and media agency owner. She had been brave to tackle all the problems and challenges that life had thrown at us from the very beginning, but, some problems are just inescapable.

She was born in Gujarat and later moved to Mumbai when she was 14yrs old. The dreams grew bigger when she came to the city of dreams. Being Fascinated with fashion industry she desired to be a part of bollywood as a designer. She always wanted to be an entrepreneur and believed in learning all kind of skills. She wanted to study fashion designing abroad, but due to unfortunate situations she comprehended with this fact by agreeing to study law to become a solicitor. But, her father, who has been her source of constant support. She had always heard tales of traditional and historic fabrics from her father as a child and her father, a connoisseur of traditional Indian fabrics, absolutely loved to share his knowledge of clothing with his daughter.

They helped her get into designing field and pursue her education as well as a career in the field. During the progression of her studies in fashion designing at the age of 18, she started working at a multi-designer store . During this time she got her hands on costume designing and styling for major television channels like Colors and B4U as an intern . Alongside, she was also assisting some eminent fashion designers as a freelancer where she used to design outfits and establishing client relations. When she was 19, she acquired her very first individual and independent client order and after that, there was no looking back. She has a track record of more than 100 successful advertisements as a costume designer and stylist. She has put her hands over quite many sectors from advertisings, music videos and media houses to sharpen her skills as well as enhance her creativity. She was already exporting her designed clothes successful throughout this time.

She partnered with one of her friends to create a successful media agency for production, social media brand management and brand consultancy. Due to situations she had gained a bit of weight which got self-doubting elements into her. But, she struggled and got back to her feet. She knew she would have to start from ground zero again, but, she did not hesitate to return. She came back with a bang blogging and gathering support for herself. The universal law of success proves that criticism and support come hand in hand. She dealt with both quite effectively. Upon being asked in an interview regarding how she dealt with criticizers, she said that they are the consistent scope of improvement to her as she gets stronger the more someone tries to pull her down. She has started blogging at full force, making people develop a taste for fashion gradually, and she is improving her public relations. She is on her way to launch her clothing brand very soon for people. She is back into the industry again with brand management, consultancy and publicity for major brands along with her fashion designing.

Being a beautiful and strong person inside out, she has led the revolution of the fashion industry in the current times. She is standing against the odds of social body shaming and beauty norms. She is not only creating a beautiful world for herself but, also for many people in this world.  

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