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How blogging changed the life of a middle-class boy from Bihar?

The world has changed a lot in the last 10 years. The reach of the internet to the masses has…

How blogging changed the life of a middle-class boy from Bihar?

The world has changed a lot in the last 10 years. The reach of the internet to the masses has changed the life of many Young talented people of India.

We have seen hundreds of new rising stars from small villages and cities of India showing their skills to the world. 

But at the same time, it’s not for all. We have seen hundreds of people becoming famous on social media that has changed their life, while there are others, who failed to create their own path.

Today, we have a story of a boy from Bihar who is now an inspiration to thousands of bloggers worldwide.

Keshav Krishnan was born in the small village of Darbhanga, also know as Mithilanchal. 

It was not easy for him to achieve something in the Online world. In Bihar, most of the parents want their children to be in a Govt. job and thatÂs why we see most of the UPSC achievers are from Bihar.

Like other parents, his parents also wanted him to be in a good position in govt. job. But, he was made to be different.

His life changed when he failed for the first time in his life in the 12th Board Exams. At that time, he was certain that he would never go for Engineering or for a Govt. jobs rather he would do something different in his life. A failure could not stop him from achieving what he deserves. 

KeshavÂs Blogging Journey

Since he come from a lower-middle-class family, he had to take care of his living in Delhi after graduation. He was doing some part-time jobs and even giving tuition.

The part-time job that he was doing was for SEO, however, at times he was just told to do blog commenting and forum postings.

He was a bit skeptical about this job and wanted to know how these comments and postings are generating money for others. He started learning new things on YouTube and stumbled upon a Video where it was shown that how a person is earning thousands of dollars working online.

This Video changed his life. He started to watch more videos around the blogging topics and also started researching about it.

Finally, he registered a domain and started his own website. He says that the first website he started was a big failure.

But still, he was passionate to learn more, and then he studied all the Google Algorithms and the 200 pages of Google ranking factors that Google published at that time.

He started a new website and this time he did almost the same things that Google generally asked to do in their 200 pages guide.

He did no back-linking but still, his website started getting traffic in a span of 5 months. Finally, after few more months, he started earning around $500/month, and later in a span of 24 months, he was earning around $3000.

He started with few other websites and most of them were successful. He sold some of them and kept building new Niche Sites. Today, he has a portfolio of websites generating more than 50 lakhs annually.

KeshavÂs advice to Beginners?

If you want to earn money through blogging, do proper keyword research and always write content about what people want to know.

DonÂt write content on what you want to share with the world. 

Use the ALPHABET SOUP method and find out the topics that people are searching.

Use tools like Answerthepublic, Surfer SEO, etc for finding new topics around your niche.

Never try to compete on the topics having thousand of search volume, start will low volume keywords and slowly move towards high volume.

If you follow all these things, you would never regret blogging.

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