How European Nations are emerging as good allies for India

India and Europe

India and Europe have decades old strategic relations. Many European countries have been seen participating at various occasions like the Vibrant Gujarat fair to gain access to the growing Indian market or trade deals.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic has erupted tensions among various Nations. India and Europe are surrounded by interest-oriented neighbours like the US, China and Russia which are using this hard time as an opportunity and making efforts to reform and rebuild a strategy to overpower the Nations. 

During the pandemic, the world has seen that China has a hostile behaviour towards various Nations including its closest neighbour India. Recently, it had several confrontation with India from border conflict to water and trade disputes. It also earned a global condemnation for its rigid policies. As per many reports, China is involved in gathering and misusing the crucial data through its apps. Recently, India also took a big decision and banned 59 Chinese applications following its violent clash at the LAC, leading to a great economic impact on Chinese companies like WeChat and TikTok.

In 1998, even the US tried to crash down on India by imposing hard economic sanctions that were laid in the middle of India’s efforts to become a more liberalised economy. On the other hand, European Nations have also faced several territorial and political disputes with Russia. However, Russia and China have always been backing each other. The two Nations also announced to pursue a “constructive partnership”. In 2001, they also signed a treaty of “friendship and cooperation”. 

Recently, Russia refused to take a stand on the dispute between India and China but the EU backed India in the matter and also held a virtual EU-India summit. A few days back an agreement was renewed between India & the EU to diversify scientific and technological cooperation focused at fostering their collaboration in transport, e-mobility, clean energy, Health and similar sectors in the next five years. 

The EU also released a blueprint for cooperation with India, declaring it as a geopolitical pillar in the multipolar Asia, crucial for maintaining the balance of power in the region. Paris and Brussels always insisted Europe to consider India as the best strategic partner.

Europe has also decisively stepped back from China’s policy designed completely on economic engagement to check Chinese influence domestically and internationally. Considering its recent moves, Europe can certainly prove to be the best and most useful partner in the long-run.

By TIS Staffer
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