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How Faraz Malik became a big name in the digital marketing world!

How Faraz Malik became a big name in the digital marketing world!

Faraz Malik a 21-year-old final year engineering student from Bareilly has achieved many feats with his digital marketing strategies. Before entering into the world of digital marketing, he has attempted several other business ideas, like he started creating technology videos on YouTube, blogging on technology, selling out mobile phones, but he failed in all of these. 

Everything for him was not going well as he suffered from problem in his eye for two years and was operated for the same. At the academic front also, his professors at his college Shri Ram Murti Smarak College of Engineering and Technology always told him to focus on studies after he got failed in few subjects. But the determination of doing something big always kept him pumped up to take risks and explore the opportunities coming his way. Even after failing in several attempts, he never gave up and stayed on the path of making his vision a reality.

Then in the second quarter of 2018, he started his digital marketing agency named ‘Reflecting Society’ along with his friend Muzzammil. Initially, he was not getting that much traction, but with time his hard work paid off. Currently, he has many clients who work in several industries like, Finance, Photography, Business, Fitness, Film, etc. He has handled Instagram pages of @george.kob, @weatherford5, @iamrichardji, @tomcraig & many more. He ran campaigns for several organizations also.

Now, as he says “The digital marketing has provided me with the opportunity to make my dreams come true, and my vision a reality!” and wants to help people all over India. Indeed he’s an inspiration for many who think that education is the only way to make the dreams come true, as even after so many difficulties and failures he never gave up on his dreams.

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