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In talks with Indian Sci-fi author Virat Vilas Pawar about his Superhero universe in making

Virat Vilas Pawar
  1. What inspired you to combine superheroes and Indian Mythology in your novel “Vidyadhara & The Universe of Magic”?

–       Indian mythology is rich and a lot can be derived from Indian Mythology, even a single character from any epic can be turned into superhero. My favorite genre has always been Sci-fi and I’ve grown up reading and listening to Indian Mythology. These two things are very close to me and hence, I wanted to mix them together and bring out superheroes out of these two elements.


2. Tell us a little about those illustration in your book.

–       I want my readers to understand how the characters really look in my head so that even they can imagine the characters in the same way. All the characters that are there in the novel are illustrated and I want the readers to see what they look like. The reason why comics and animated series work well is that the creators have made those characters look in a particular way, and thus, people tend to remember them.


3. When is the sequel of Vidyadhar coming out?

–       Right now, I am creating arcs of different superheroes, and after creating a good amount of superheroes I want them to come together to fight a huge level threat where they come together and fight. So, I am focusing on creating more Superheroes and then a combined universe.


4. What made you think to write about this story, mainly mythological?

–       Magic is something that is popular throughout all forms of entertainment, be it novels, series, movies, or even web series. India is a place where there is a lot of origin of magic and magical creatures, I wanted to write something that has been in our origin and thus I thought of giving the Indian version of witches, mages, werewolves, vampires, and other magical creatures.


5. How long did it take you to complete this book?

–       I started writing the novel in 2020, in fact, I started writing on 31st December 2019, and in 2020, I had almost finished writing the novel, but Covid peaked in March and nothing could be done. So I was re-writing the novel and after multiple attempts, I came up with the final draft. In fact, the reason it went through multiple drafts is that since everything was shut, I wanted to make it better. It took me almost two years to finish the novel.

6. What was the most interesting and surprising thing you learned while writing this book?

–       The best part about writing a superhero novel or any novel is the research behind it. While I was researching, I got to know so much about Indian Mythology and the creatures that are already there in their best form and most of them have their references in our ancient scripts.

7. How long did you spend researching before you started writing for this book?

–       Well, I didn’t research, I just started writing. While writing, there were some doubts and thoughts that came to my mind and I used to look for them. Every day when I looked up, something new came up that added more value to my story; and this is how the research was a continuous process. In fact, the research went on till the last chapter of the novel as well and, there were many changes and modifications. Nothing like researching about Indian mythology and combining it with sci-fi.


8. What ideas and concepts do you plan to write in your future books?

–       This book consists of magic and my next book might be about superhumans or aliens coming to dominate the world. So, I want to have different elements in my entire universe which are mainly aliens, angels, demons, time machines, superhumans, deities, and Gods.  So let’s say, you can expect a wide range of Indian sci-fi novels in coming years.

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