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India, as well as mankind, got up clear indication about savior (Muktidata)

Recently India launched historically, World’s 3rd Economic System and World's 5th Modern Jurisprudence, as result people connecting this incident from famous prophet Nostradamus, Father Poi, Bhavisha Puran, and other various predictions about the savior of India.

New Delhi: Species of mankind are surviving on earth for thousands of years, meanwhile mankind's survival is possible through the intellectual capability of Economics, Justice, and scientific temper (Technology). In the last thousands of years of survival, mankind has been developed only two types of major Economic systems as the government sector (socialism) and the private sector (capitalism) for economic Survival.

On the other hand, the current judicial system and democracy are present through the intellectual capability of jurisprudence. Whereas jurisprudence has been developed from four major 4 stages as analytical, historical, sociological, and relist phase.  By again from Jurisprudence current democratic and Judiciary is running, for achieving current judiciary democratic and economic system mankind has been survived for thousands of years of time, but mankind is still suffering from poverty, crime, corruption, hunger, injustice, and another difficulty,  Recently, a surprising fact arose(also available in the public domain), that world's third economic model as HR economic model and world is 5th stage of jurisprudence as the school of contemporary jurisprudence has been launched by India.

This news is really wondering before all philosophers, economists, and jurists Worldwide,  because as on record, the HR economic model and school of contemporary jurisprudence are sufficient for the next economic, democratic, and Judiciary revolution.

In series of more surprising facts is, that both Concepts as H.R's economic model and school of contemporary jurisprudence has been propounded by an individual person by the name known as Deepak Sharma. Deepak Sharma is also known as the father of HR economics and the father of contemporary jurisprudence, after investigating the fact’s from the biography of Deepak Sharma( Economist and Jurist).  he has been achieved professional degrees in series as LL.B, M.B.A, C.F.A, M.C.A, and company secretary at the age of 24 years. No doubt against aforesaid qualification comparing with any  C.E.O,  Bureaucrats any leader worldwide is not nearby him,  at the age of  26 years, Deepak Sharma has been propounded the world’s third economic system and new jurisprudence for Welfare of mankind. Deepak Sharma is only a historical entity having the intellectual capability of economics and jurisprudence.

In H.R.Economics, Mr. Deepak Sharma claimed, "Mankind shall be capable for monetization for his own human resources without any capitalism requirement." In contemporary jurisprudence, Mr. Deepak Sharma states, “ contemporary Jurisprudence shall be sufficient for our democratic and judicial requirement, which shall be capable to get rid of crime, corruption, and other requirements.  (Details available in the public domain)

No doubt after aforesaid claim Mr. Deepak Sharma shall be compared with Adam Smith and Karl Marx. On the other hand, Mr. Deepak Sharma shall be compared with Aristotle, Bentham, Austin, Savigny at the World level.

Thereafter a group of jurist and social media users are highly excited upon the aforesaid claim, they are highly confident about aforesaid intellectual capability which is sufficient to make India a world leader soon.

Some social media users declare Deepak Sharma as the savior of India. Some compare, Mr. Sharma from famous France predictor Nostradamus character as a Sharna and savior character of father PIO (Italy).  Whereas other users comparing the current year (2021) with  Kalki (GOD).

Whereas many users are arguing that  Mr. Sharma belongs to utter Pradesh as state carrying ( Ganga, Yamuna, Chambal, Gomti and Ghagara) and Mr. Deepak Sharma awarded the new intellectualism to mankind, which clarify the condition of Nostradamus prediction, some user arguing that year 2021 is same as the predicted year of father PIO prediction, whenever some users arguing that 2021 is predicted year for. Presentation of Kalki GOD as per Bhavisha Puran  before mankind,

 On the other side some senior journalist critics about Deepak Sharma  that

  • If India has been propounded the world’s 3rd Economic model and School of contemporary jurisprudence, then what is the reason for still awaiting the presentation of Mr. Deepak Sharma before the parliament of India, and what is the reason for that statement of Govt. Of India in the same regard is not present in the public domain, whenever  15 trillion dollar G.D.P and 10 crores new employment project has been delivered to P.M.O in last year.
  • While on the other side, it’s India desirous to get rid of Economic crisis, unemployment, judiciary, and Democratic negligence, meanwhile it’s absolutely clear that H.R.Economic Model and Contemporary Jurisprudence are advanced concepts in the field of Economics and Jurisprudence if both concepts proved practically feasible and get rid of Economic crisis, Unemployment, Judiciary, and Democratic negligence, in that case, Mr. Deepak Sharma shall be the real savior of India.

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