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India’s Leading Image Consultant Neha D Gupta’s Bridal Grooming Sessions For A 360-degree Makeover

Soon to be brides spend hours on Social Media scrolling through a never-ending wishlist of wedding outfits for their most…

India’s Leading Image Consultant Neha D Gupta’s Bridal Grooming Sessions For A 360-degree Makeover

Soon to be brides spend hours on Social Media scrolling through a never-ending wishlist of wedding outfits for their most memorable day. Unfortunately, most of them fail to receive professional guidance on the perfect trousseau that highlights their panache. Are you one of those women desperately looking for that elusive coaching on image and wardrobe makeover? Who better to transform your life other than the founder and CEO of the coveted Image Management firm “The Finishing School”?


Optimum Bridal Grooming Program for a Complete Makeover


With her academic excellence in the field of Image Psychology from the prestigious London Image Institute and 8+ years of experience in Image Consulting, Styling and Personal Etiquette, Neha D Gupta is your one-stop solution. She has compiled her abundance of experience in her brainchild, the Optimum Bridal Grooming Program. A comprehensive coaching course spanning 11 modules that offer a gold mine of insights for brides-to-be.

From Wardrobe Consultation, Personal Shopping, and Body Language to Dining Etiquette, she carves the complete roadmap needed for brides.


Neha’s proven experience in image enhancement of industry-leading personalities, including Bollywood celebrities, has skyrocketed her brand image in recent times. Her personalised coaching sessions are sought after by brides from around the globe for both pre and post-wedding grooming.


The one-on-one consultation calls with Neha are where the magic starts to happen. She grasps your image goals and understands the style quotient you wish to portray as a newlywed bride. Following this, a bespoke personal shopping plan tailored to the individual is carved out. Her service line only gets started by sorting your styling needs.


Personal Shopping and Elevating The Wardrobe


Every woman’s deepest desire is to stamp a statement of authentic styling on her special day. Neha ensures that she leaves no stone unturned to make your dream a reality when the time comes. She assesses your personality, styling choices and goals. Following this, a unique clothing collection is handpicked that fulfils your style cravings.


We also provide expert recommendations on decluttering and boosting the style quotient of your wardrobe. Through a residential visit, Neha and her team seamlessly apply the cluster concept of styling that brings in the right amount of variety and class.


Styling and Nutritional Wellbeing


Dressing according to one’s physique is equally significant in her book. Her grooming program also sets you up with a reputed nutritionist and a hairstylist to take care of your body and hair transformation in an optimum manner.


She then goes the extra mile by fine-tuning your body language during verbal and non-verbal communication. Her coaching emphasises niche areas like Para Linguistics and Kinesics, among others.


Mastering The Art Of Communication


Neha’s constant strive for holistic image building has led her to meticulous levels of proficiency in mastering the art of bride’s communication. She leverages her edge in assessing your ease of communication and the associated barriers to it. Specialised guidance is provided on mastering the finer angles of expression, including the small talk.


Elegance Personified Through Etiquette Development


Creating that suave in the image you portray to your extended family and friends becomes paramount as a newlywed bride. Neha’s prowess in Image Management helps project the right impression with hands-on lessons. From fine dining etiquettes, Dos and Don’ts of Cutlery placement to the subtleties of body language at dinner tables, her sessions cover them all.


Hosting dinner/tea parties for the in-laws is no longer a hassle when you’re fully prepared to handle the context with grace and elegance. When you project yourself with charm and radiance, you instantly become a likeable and respected person.


Look And Feel Upbeat With Makeup Sessions


As they say, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. This is precisely the founding principle of subtle yet natural makeup we recommend for every occasion. Neha’s skillset propels each bride to uncover the inner diva in her through well-rounded skin, body and hair care guidance.


She makes you feel at your most comfortable self, and that state of mind is when you feel at your best.


Buckle Up for a Holistic Transformation With Neha!


Wedding seasons and preps will no longer be a nightmare for brides. With the Optimum Bridal Grooming Program, gain the edge to ace your bridal styling and etiquettes. When you and your family have a ton of prep work for that big fat wedding, one of India’s most prominent Image Consultants and two-time winner of Women of the Year (All India League), Neha D Gupta, is your go-to consultant and coach.


Along with personal attention, her team at the Finishing School guarantees 100% discretion. To make your learning curve even more robust, you will be provided with additional resources during each session. Booklets and Powerpoint Presentations are at your disposal for your ease of reference. Her lessons are self-paced so that you can progress in your own sweet time.


“I’m more than excited and rearing to interact with soon-to-be brides and listen to their dreams and desires. The Finishing School and I empathise with them, and we operate with the sole motive of transcending their wedding season into a life-long cherishing spectacle.” says a beaming Neha. 


For more details on the Optimum Bridal Grooming Program, visit The Finishing School.

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