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India’s Online Casino Craze Continues to Grow

It’s becoming more evident that Indians are starting to gamble more than ever. That’s mostly thanks to online casinos because…

India’s Online Casino Craze Continues to Grow

It’s becoming more evident that Indians are starting to gamble more than ever. That’s mostly thanks to online casinos because they allow anyone to play their favorite casino games anytime, anywhere. 

India’s online casino sector is expected to grow to an astounding $3.2 billion by the end of 2024, according to the latest figures. 

So, that number shows that players across the country are now seeking insights on what is the best Indian casino online. Well, there are plenty, and it looks like these platforms will be offering their services to the country for quite a while.

In this article, let’s have a look at what this online casino craze is all about, as well as why it’s becoming popular, and what lies ahead.

Factors Driving the Online Casino Craze

So what is it specifically that is fueling the growth and appeal of online casino gaming in this nation? To that, there isn’t a single response. Several causes are driving the online casino mania, here are the main ones:

Technology Growth

India is experiencing a digital revolution. Increasing internet penetration, especially in smaller towns and rural areas, is making online platforms accessible to a vast population. 

Then there’s also the widespread adoption of smartphones. It makes sense that a lot of online casino gamers use their mobile devices these days as powerful mobile devices are getting more and more affordable. 

Secure digital payment gateways and mobile wallets have also simplified the process of depositing and withdrawing funds, even on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Convenience and Accessibility

Convenience has to be the main selling point of online gambling. Players can access their favorite games whenever they want without the hassle of traveling to land-based casinos that are currently regulated by Indian laws. 

Who has the time and money to spend on traveling to regulated spots every time, right? 

Entertainment Factor

Online casinos offer variety, unlike land-based operators. There is something for everyone, including everything from traditional slots and table games to cutting-edge new formats and live dealer experiences. It’s so easy to hop from one online gambling site to another as well.

Increased Disposable Income

India’s middle class is expanding, and with it their disposable money. This means that there will be more money available for enjoyment and recreational pursuits, such as playing at online casinos.

Anonymity and Privacy

Online casinos offer a level of anonymity and privacy that might not be available in traditional casinos. 

Players who are reluctant to disclose their gambling activity will find this intriguing. Even if it’s getting less socially unacceptable to gamble, there are still many people who think otherwise.

Legal and Regulatory Landscape

In India, the legal and regulatory environment around online gambling is convoluted and pretty much unclear. 

Although gambling activities have always been regulated by state-specific rules and the Public Gambling Act of 1867, these laws do not specifically forbid gambling online. Even the Technology Act of 2000 has no mention of online gambling as well. 

That’s mostly why navigating the regulatory environment has become more difficult for operators and participants. But right now, it does seem like operators are also taking advantage of it because basically, no one can get in trouble for gambling online. 

India may wish to take a look at the well-defined regulatory frameworks for online gambling that have been established by several nations, like Malta and the United Kingdom, should it choose to regulate this sector.

Social and Cultural Factors

The social and cultural aspects of India also have a role in the rise of online casinos. Among these include shifting perceptions of gambling, the reduction of social stigmas, and the growing acceptability of online gaming as a kind of entertainment.

Social media, influencers, and celebrity endorsements have played a role in promoting online casino brands and driving player engagement, with some influencers blurring the lines between real-money gambling and casual gaming through tactics like offering promo codes or portraying gambling as similar to playing video games.

Economic Impact and Revenue Generation

The growth of India’s online casino market has important economic ramifications. There is no more need for supporting businesses with affiliate marketing networks, software developers, payment processors, and customer support services.  However, it’s the offshore operators who are mostly benefitting from this.

We can say that the true economic potential of India’s online casino market lies in its capacity to generate substantial tax revenue if regulated effectively. 

While precise figures are challenging to estimate given the industry’s current unregulated nature, experts suggest that a well-regulated online gambling market could generate billions of dollars in tax revenue annually for the Indian government.

A recent analysis by KPMG estimates that the potential tax revenue for the Indian government could be anywhere from $0.9 billion to $1.7 billion annually if internet gambling were legalized and subject to taxes. 

That estimate is predicated on the estimated $7 billion to $9 billion market size of the Indian online gaming sector.


India’s online casino craze shows no signs of slowing down. Technological advancements will continue to shape the user experience, while the evolving regulatory landscape will be crucial in determining the industry’s future. 

Whether India will eventually choose to regulate or prohibit online gambling is a debate that will undoubtedly continue.