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Inspiring Journey of Kashmir tattoo artist Mubashir Bashir Beigh aka Mubii

Are you planning to gift yourself a new tattoo but falling short of ideas about the kind of tattoo you should go for? As this is going to be a gift of a lifetime, everyone wants it to be perfect and beautiful. Before you finally take the plunge and go for it, we bring you the right advice. Mubashir is a popular tattoo artist, who has inked many celebrities and sports personalities. He is the owner of a tattoo parlor called the Mubii’s Tattoo Studio. He shares advice on the apt size and design for every ink art lover.

His work is stunning with vivid tones, and have a perfect balance. His creations are way different from other competitors and are unique.

His art has helped him to come out of the depression. Right now, he has clients from all parts of the world. He is hugely famous on the social media platform. The movie can be made on Mubashir how his hobby of making sketch helped him to become the world’s most appreciated tattoo artist.

Here are a few most commonly requested tattoo designs by most male clients, according to the artist.

We all know celebrities like to get inked at various places in their body, and they need an expert artist. Mubii can get them inked creatively with a classic design, which portrays their personality. He is a famous artist among many celebrities. One of the new names in the tattoo world who has surprised everyone with his talent, Mubii is a rising star.

By TIS Staffer
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