Interview with an Icon- Piyali Toshniwal : @piyalitoshniwal_official - The India Saga



Interview with an Icon- Piyali Toshniwal : @piyalitoshniwal_official

Everyone of us wants a powerful personality that leaves a mark behind right? What if we tell you we have…

Interview with an Icon- Piyali Toshniwal : @piyalitoshniwal_official

Everyone of us wants a powerful personality that leaves a mark behind right? What if we tell you we have our ideal woman motivating us from her journey and giving us insights of her life. Today, we are in an interview with Piyali Toshniwal, who has achieved milestones in her career of modelling, has earned putative titles, is a successful entrepreneur and also a social activist.


1.Tell us about yourself and what do you do?

Hi, my name is Piyali Toshniwal. I’m an influencer, model, Pageant QUEEN & groomer, entrepreneur as well as a dancer. I have also been working as a social activist . I’m also a social gatherings and luxury event maker. I’m the ambassador of national Mumbai fashion week and peace of India.


2.Tell us about your education and family background?

I live with my husband and my adorable son. I’m born in Kolkata and lived in many cosmopolitan cities due to fathers posting job. Currently I am settled in Mumbai. I was very dedicated as a student. Being the gold medalist in boards and Engineer-MBA , I used to work hard for exams and even today, although I’m not academically studying but I very well prepare for exam of life.


3.We constantly see you motivated for work. Where does that motivation come from?

Well, my work is my biggest motivation. I always wanted to do something which made me happy from within. Today when I sit at a platform where I have the capacity to inspire people is a sense of motivation for me. Sometimes even young girls & women approach me saying I helped them gain confidence in their body and they aspire to be like me, I really feel empowered.


4.What is your take on women empowerment?

Taking control over their own lives and acquire the ability to make strategic choices is very essential. Today we see women being educated and getting independent is a sign of development. This not only benefits an individual but also a country as a whole.


5.As a plus size model, do you think the world looks at your differently ?

Being a plus size figure in fashion industry is not easy. Many people have different opinions about your body. But here, when I get one negative comment it’s always backed with 100 positive ones. I’m here to break the monotony of an ideal body which should always look slim, toned and have perfect curves. Every body is a gift of nature and shouldn’t be treated unfairly.


6.Piece of advice you would give to our readers?

Have confidence in yourself. Confidence is honestly the key to my success. I have had people shame me down, but I’m standing here because I believed in myself. Even if you fail, keep moving, someday you will land where you want to be.


7.What are the challenges you faced ?

The liberty that social media gives people is astounding. I have been shamed by people for my body. Being a mother, it’s time constraining for me to handle by personal and professional life. I’m a depression survivor too. One message which I would like to pass on is that I didn’t use any of these as an excuse. So, if I can do this, even you can. All you need is to get up and work in ypur best ability.


We hope now you are sure whom to look upto while making decisions in life. Piyali has indeed been a benison for the youth.