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Interviewing the most influential personality: Sakshi Kapoor (@glitfashh)

Sometimes it makes you feel better hearing how others started their journey and overcame struggles. Today we are interviewing one…

Interviewing the most influential personality: Sakshi Kapoor (@glitfashh)

Sakshi Kapoor

Sometimes it makes you feel better hearing how others started their journey and overcame struggles. Today we are interviewing one of the most influential personalities, Sakshi Kapoor, a digital creator. Presented to you by Influencerquipo, it’s time to get motivated.


• When did you start your blogging journey?
I started my journey about Seven years ago, in 2016, with few followers. Gradually, with quality content, my page started growing. And today, I’m blessed to have thousands of followers admiring my work.


• What is your preferred niche?
I have tried my hands in different niches. I’m passionate about travel, fashion, food, lifestyle, and mom- blogging. Throughout my page, you’ll find stuff about fashion and travel.


• Who is your inspiration, and why?
With the support of your family, nothing seems unachievable. Everyone, including my family and my friends, be it my husband, baby, mother, or friends, are there to celebrate my smallest or biggest achievement. They are my biggest cheerleaders, for which I’m grateful to them.


• How many brands have you collaborated with and share your experience ?
I have collaborated with over 200 brands. These include local brands, domestic brands, and even global Brands. I’m a firm believer in giving back to society, which is my I use my platform to support small businesses. I make it a point to promote small businesses, especially women-entrepreneurship. One of the most successful campaigns I have done is with ITC Maurya, Delhi. I have been called to do a collaboration, and it went viral. I thoroughly enjoyed the process, and all the hard work at the end was fruitful.


• Do you interact with the local people and make new connections everywhere you go?
Definitely! I travel with my son Revansh, and one of my main motives for traveling is to explore different cultures and cuisines. Behind every smile, there’s an untold story. I often interact with locals and try to understand their lifestyle and the perspective behind it. This helps us learn new languages, skills, and people’s opinions. I truly believe a book can’t teach you better than your own experiences.


• What motivates you to keep going?
My passion for learning and growing each day keeps me on my toes. Traveling and fashion are my hobbies; thus, my work becomes my motivation. There are days when I have to work for 10 hours,
complete my responsibilities as a mother, and attend events, but when I come home at night, I’m always excited to work on the next project.


• What message would you like to give to the upcoming influencers?
I would suggest each and every youngster to get an education first it helps a person to get knowledge and improve confidence in life. Education leads you to your personal growth and improves your career. Stick to your goal; do not get demotivated by anyone. And also Eliminate the things which distract you. I know hard times will come up, but we have to deal with them and stay strong.

Being an influencer is a challenging task.
It requires a lot of creativity, hard work, immense talent, and, above all, patience.
My formula to success is ‘Never say no to any opportunity given’
open new doors in life.


• What are your future goals, and how do you accomplish them?
My long-term goals involve growth in my career, where I can continue to learn, take on additional responsibilities, and contribute as much value as possible to my page. I would take full advantage of the opportunities available. I see myself as a top-performing Influencer. I plan on enhancing my skills and continuing my involvement in related professional associations.