J&K Wrestler Badshah Khan Ecstatic After Winning World Heavy Weight Championship 2020

badshah khanbadshah khan

Arif Saleem Bohroo, popularly known as ‘Badshah Khan’, recently won the World Heavy Weight Championship 2020 and re-established his supremacy as a world-class wrestler. His journey into the world of wrestling began with his father telling him the stories of “The Great Khali” at the age of 13. Those stories of The Great Khali’s struggle, passion and achievements as a world-famous wrestler ignited in young Badshah Khan the hunger to go down the same path and create a place for himself in the ring.

Today, Badshah Khan is a renowned wrestler and an inspiring figure for youngsters everywhere.

Growing up in Jammu & Kashmir, life wasn’t easy for him, with political upheaval and violence dominating the life of the common man. He belongs to a remote village called Neel, in Ramban region of J&K. It was his father’s inspiring tales of The Great Khali, which pushed him towards wrestling and, eventually, not only made him famous but also the first-ever wrestler to be born in is village. It was The Great Khali himself, who named him Badshah Khan because of the fearlessness that he shows inside the ring. Learning about Khali was the turning point of his life and he went down into the ring for the first time when he was 20 years old. Badshah considers that moment very special in his career.

Having already won the Tag Team Championship twice, his success rate in the more than 100 matches is an outstanding 85%. After becoming 2-times Tag Team Champion, Badshah Khan reinstated his position as one of the top wrestlers in the country, by winning the World Heavyweight Championship on March 18, 2020. At 105 kg and 6.2 feet, his towering personality is enough to subdue his competitors in the ring. This is perhaps why he is considered to be one of the toughest wrestlers in the arena. His daily routine includes a 6-hr workout and 4-hr wrestling classes.

Yes! In case you are wondering what would a world-famous wrestler need classes for, this is what Badshah Khan says, “I have dreamed of being a wrestler ever since my teen years. I have worked very hard to be where I am today. Now that I have reached this position, I don’t want to let it go waste. Therefore, in order to maintain my wrestling prowess, and to continue winning, I keep on learning and training every day.”

Speaking about his mission as a wrestler, Badshah Khan says, “When I am inside the ring, I feel like the king. I am not afraid of anyone inside that ring because I show the real power of Kashmir and India. With the love of my Kashmiri & Indian brothers, I want to represent India & Kashmir all over the world.”

It is Badshah Khan’s dream in life to fight in the WWE and become a world champion in the true sense of the word.

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