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Junagadh’s IT Guy Bhushan Chhaya Is All About Hard-Work, Success and Never Giving Up

Junagadh’s IT Guy Bhushan Chhaya Is All About Hard-Work, Success and Never Giving Up

“Leap and the net will appear,” Zen Saying had once said. And Gujarat-based entrepreneur Bhushan Chhaya took the saying to heart, despite his very adverse circumstances. The result of that was a success and a guaranteed lifetime of happiness and satisfaction for him. Bhushan Chhaya started off as any other banking sector employee looking for a steady pay cheque to combat the financial distress that his lower-middle-class family was undergoing through. However, he could not ignore his dreams of having a career in the IT sector and took the leap of faith and success.

Crediting Bhushan’s luck is not the right thing to do here, given it was not all luck but hard work and determination to not fail that kept him going. Today, Bhushan enjoys a stable job with his own SEO venture named #!/Bin/Bash Computing, his dream. A humble and down to earth soul. Bhushan guarantees you solutions to your IT problems and also a hit cuppa Girnari tea if you visit him in his office. 

Bhushan has a degree in accounting and to provide for his family, he took up jobs in the banking sector, where he worked for quite a while, before deciding to run behind his dream. His company offers IT services like Cybersecurity, SEO, Forensic Analysis,  Data Science, Web scraping and *nix Management. Bhushan also has 2000+ and growing clients, not just in India but all over the world. He has been working for 10+ years in this field and his credibility continues to grow with each passing day.

Despite choosing a field that provided him a steady pay, Bhushan realised a few years into a life of moderate happiness that only his dreams will give him the happiness he wants. While his hard-working attitude is commendable, we must also acknowledge the risk he took to change gears in his professional life. 

Coming from a familial background where a stable job and a steady income is of utmost importance, Bhushan took a huge risk that could have backfired, but it was only from sheer determination and hard work that he succeeded. We all must borrow a page from this hard-working man who is worthy of being a role model to many!

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