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Kadi Who's Widely Known As 'ItsNotKadi' Shares How She Got Recognition As An Internet Sensation

Kadi Who's Widely Known As 'ItsNotKadi' Shares How She Got Recognition As An Internet Sensation

The most important rule to get ahead in life is to have patience. Hard work does not pay off immediately. It takes years and in order to succeed, it is important to face all the odds coming in your way. Khadidja Djibrine is a popular internet personality who is establishing her name in the field of modeling. Also known as Kadi, she is recognized as ‘@itsnotkadi’ by her fans on social media. She hails from the Republic of Chad located in north-central Africa and is bordered by the countries including Sudan, Mali, and Libya. She comes from the big Zaghawa family, a Muslim ethnic group from Central Africa. They usually speak Arab and French and she has 9 siblings and 7 half-siblings. The Zaghawa family has been ruling Chad for more than 20 years which has seen men having more power over women in the region.

Growing up in a very conservative environment, her family believes and practises arranged marriage setup since a really long time. With having a traditional and restrictive approach towards life, she was not allowed to go out of her home when she was a kid. Her life was all about going to school and returning home and vice-versa. In such a scenario, she found her love in television which taught her a lot of things. Many TV programmes and movies in different languages helped her learn English, Hindi and Spanish and over the years, she learnt it fluently. The programmes and movies taught her a lot about diverse cultures which made her realize the importance of love. Since then, she thought that she will get married one day only after being in love and not because of an arrangement.  

Over the years, she learnt things by herself and in 2010, she moved to India for her college. In 2013, she got a bachelor’s degree in commerce with doing her majors in marketing management. With college, she also started involving herself in modeling and wanted to enter bollywood. She faced rejections because of her dark complexion. Khadidja never lost hope and to fulfil her dreams, she flew to the USA in 2014. It has been almost 5 years now and she has been a part of many modelling assignments in the States. On October 26, 2019, she launched her own single titled ‘Draw The Line’. Besides this, she also emerged as the 2nd runner up for Miss Reshma Beauty pageant on May 3, 2019, in Beverly Hills, California. Today, this 26-year old woman is going to places and is an inspirational force who has proved to never stop dreaming in life.

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