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Know About Ari Mannis, Stand-Up Comedian From California

Know About Ari Mannis, Stand-Up Comedian From California

Stand-up comedy in the United States got its start from the stump-speech monologues of minstrel shows in the early 19th century. It also has roots in various traditions of popular entertainment of the late 19th century, including vaudeville, English music hall, burlesque or early variety shows, humorist monologues by personalities such as Mark Twain, and circus clown antics. Fast-forwarding to the 21st Century, the definition of stand up comedy has evolved. It now involves slapstick humor, lewd innuendos, puns. The industrialization has ensured this paradigm shift. People look at stand up as a medium to escape the daily fatigue life brings them. 

Out of all the success stories this art has promised, the story of Ari Mannis is that of overcoming stereotypes and making a living out of this traditional yet modern art. 

Mannis attended New Mexico Military Institute for High School in Roswell, New Mexico and graduated from the University of California Santa Cruz where he studied film and digital media. 

After graduating college, Mannis moved to Los Angeles, California, where he began his stand-up career. In 2017 he appeared on MTV Greatest Party Stories Ever and has performed in festivals such as Kaaboo Music and Comedy Festival, as well at The Laughing Skull Comedy Festival. Mannis' comedy has been featured in online forums such as College Humor, FunnyOrDie, and Nerdist] He currently does a monthly comedy show in the living room of his apartment which has been featured on Airbnb, Yelp, Forbes, LA Weekly, and Comedy Vortex. 

Being an individual performing a set of jokes in front of an audience is the last thing a digital media graduate aspires to be. Yet, Mannis took on the Herculean task of creating a name for himself. 

What makes the journey more special is the fact that Mannis shifted to LA- the Mecca of stand up comedy. With favorites like Gabriel Iglesias, Louis Ck, Russell Peters performing at clubs across every block, creating a name isn’t easy. The bar has been set very high in the city. Yet, that didn’t stop Ari. 

He went on to win the 2018 KAABOO discovery tour. Mannis even started his comedy news and podcast network called, StandUpTalk in which his podcast "Unlicensed Therapy," can be found. "Unlicensed Therapy," has been featured on SoundCloud and iTunes where he has gained over 500,000 subscribers. 

Ari can be seen touring all over either by himself or opening for comedians such as Theo Von, Amir K, Fahim Anwar, and Pauly Shore. He has performed in many Comedy Festivals including The Laughing Skull Comedy Festival, Beast Village, Golden Spike, Burbank, LA Scripted Comedy Festival, Big Pine, Ventura Harbo & The Laugh Your Asheville Off Comedy Festival. 

With an average of around 20k views on every Youtube video, Ari is making it big on social media too. His story proves that innuendos and puns can pave a path to success too. 

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