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Kunal Devani: The mind and soul behind “Waffle Affairs”

Let’s meet a true-blue professional, Kunal Devani bossing the game in the food industry with his creative and successful ventures.…

Kunal Devani: The mind and soul behind “Waffle Affairs”

LetÂs meet a true-blue professional, Kunal Devani bossing the game in the food industry with his creative and successful ventures.

Food industry is one big hub and house with numerous variety and creative versions of food satisfying human hunger. It is one of the biggest industries of the world where people cater their talent and service to the customers. Food industry is the industry which never goes out of trend, in fact it provides the most opportunities to excel. Yes! Definitely it requires the art and skill to generate the best version of food which pours happiness and bliss of satisfaction after consuming. As customer is the king of any industry if one is successful in winning heart of customers than no one can stop his way to scale ladders of success. Have a glance of one such amazing young talent who has tremendously won the hearts of his customers  Kunal Devani the biggest name in the food industry, already raking up tremendous momentum and popularity.

This young talent has achieved massive success within 5 years since inception. The main reason for his success is his passion and love for what he does! Kunal had a clear vision to pursue his future in this industry. With his sheer hard work and consistency he is awarded by Public Choice Awards and has many more awards in his tags. He sets an example to the young generation that- love what you do and perform it with passion, then success will definitely knock your doors. Kunal further added   I have been working hard because I am passionate about it and canÂt think beyond it. But to experiment, I came up with interior business for cafes and offices and named it GK hospitality.Â

After accomplishing his graduation in commerce field. The first thing he thought in his mind was to launch his first café  ÂWaffle Affairs which offers deserts and waffles. Within no time his first venture was a great success. The positive response of crowd was already through mouth publicity, which made him successful. With the positive outcomes of the customers, Kunal got more inspiration and confidence to go ahead. After the success of the first venture, he came-up with another venture with very unique name  Showstopper and SkyNest  the terrace café. The name only attracted half of the crowd to go and have a glimpse of the café. No doubt it was a colossal hit as well among the foodies.

As we all know today all are very health conscious and it is most important factor for one to keep in shape. By keeping this point in his mind, KunalÂs café has a wide outlet with healthy food options which has attracted all the age groups especially youngsters. Within sometime he also started ÂLean Kitchen which is a dedicated takeaway center.  

Kunal always thanked his parents for his humongous success who have always supported him and believed in him. KunalÂs creative mind and skills with perfect implementation results in achieving desired targets. Many more success are on the way for this young talent! For more info do follow him on Instagram @kunal_devani.

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