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Lifestyle Blogger and Influencer Shubhi Garg Believe’s Blogging Is A 24X7 Job

Blogging is a way of connecting with people and exploring new horizons in the realm of online articles, where one…

Lifestyle Blogger and Influencer Shubhi Garg Believe’s Blogging Is A 24X7 Job

Blogging is a way of connecting with people and exploring new horizons in the realm of online articles, where one can share one’s life experiences with his/her readers and help them to explore and try new things, in the most cost-effective manner.

Shubhi Garg – a name in the blogging industry, has touched new heights with Picker At Pace – an online space where Shubhi shares her fashion ideas, reveals her secret food recipes, gives brief reviews on restaurants, tries out beauty products for her online entourage to help them understand the products before they end up investing their hard-earned money on what they aren’t even aware of. Along with that, Shubhi also suggests books to read, showcases major travel goals, and talks at length about the places she visits to help her readers plan their next vacation without hassle.

Shubhi, now 26, says “My taste in fashion has always been experimental. I am more like the girl-next-door who chooses to showcase styles that people can easily follow, and I visit places that are affordable. Even with my pictures – I hate over-editing. I like to keep it natural. I am a highly practical human and I believe in keeping everything as realistic as possible.”

With more than 5 years now into blogging, Shubhi still dedicates a good amount of time to her blog and works tirelessly to make it better every day. To make it a one-stop read she writes all the enlisted categories all by herself, leaving no scope of inaccuracy.

Interestingly, the blog ‘Picker At Pace’ was launched on May 28th, 2014 by a very young blogger Shubhi, who wasn’t even aware of the term ‘blog’ back then. All she wanted to do was to dedicate a poetry post to her beloved sister on her birthday, for which she won lots of praises and accolades. This feedback gave her confidence and helped her realise that she could use her talent of writing to interact with the world. After exploring her hidden potential she never looked back!

To chisel her craft, Shubhi started to read senior bloggers like Chiara Ferragni, Bombay Bubble, Styledrive, and to name a few others. Reading them not only fine-tuned her writing skill but also inspired her to a point that she also wanted to do what they did, if not better then at least somewhat good to her potential. And today, she’s not behind them! She says, “I believe in hard work and dedication. I’ve had my ups & downs in the field, but one thing I knew was that I’m never quitting. That’s not me!”

Speaking of family support, her father initially was hesitant of this career. But like every father, Shubhi’s family started to pump her up when they heard it from others how well their daughter is doing in the city, and is being recognised by everyone! Shubhi also comforted her father that that blogging might not be a full-time career opportunity, but she will not let it go! It’s still her hobby, but a very passionate one!

Now with her family’s support Shubhi was flying high to achieve what she had only imagined.

In this journey of hers, Shubhi’s friends also helped her a lot and voluntarily managed her social media management in different cities to make her blog grow widely. Her team consists of various professional photographers, makeup artists, video creators, who affectionally and responsibly look after her work and help her to be more consistent with her blog posts. But loving what she does, Shubhi is the sole writer on her blog and constructs each post all by herself.

The name ÂPicker at PaceÂ, was also a perfect shot of chance. During her college exams, Shubhi was tumbling on her bed, deprived of sleep, she was trying to give a name to her blog. Surprisingly, she thought of naming it ‘Picker at Pace’ and she instantly grabbed her laptop to search what it means. But with no such Google search results, she decided to use it. Shubhi gave her own meaning to the phrase – Picker at Pace means “Catching with the speed of the running time”. Going by the meaning of her blog, Shubhi finds her inspiration from anywhere and everywhere that evolves, and she uses it in her posts. 

Well, unlike all other bloggers, Shubhi also started receiving freebies from brands to review on her blog. She recalls, her first freebie came to her in April 2015, almost a year later of starting her blog, by a giant skincare brand – PONDS. She was jumping with excitement as she had got her first chance to showcase her talent. Since then her association with various big brands have earned her a reputation among famous bloggers and when brands think of Lucknow to get associated with bloggers, ‘Picker at Pace’ by Shubhi Garg tops their list! 

Her brand collaborations and page features have taken ‘Picker at Pace’ to new heights with monthly views of more than 70 thousand audiences with her blog button over 2,80,000 followers and an entourage of more than 50,000 followers on social media. 

Shubhi Garg has been an inspiration to little girls and boys who have wanted to do something creative out of their lives. Not just with her blogs but her inner bravery, and independent nature, she has become a role model for every aspiring blogger / influencer.

Shubhi organised Lucknow’s first BLOG TALK and managed to gather 150 aspiring Bloggers & Youtubers under one roof sharing her knowledge about the growing influencer industry. Coming out in public with her talk show – ‘Lucknow’s Most Favourite with Picker At Pace’ in May 28th, 2019 (on the 5th anniversary of her blog), was anther achievement of hers. She made it a hit with more than 80,000 views on the trailer and more than 15k on each of the episodes. The show featured some recognised faces of Lucknow. Along with that, to inspire the potential bloggers of the future, Shubhi has given lectures at colleges like SRMS business school, and has hosted a lot of workshops about the art of blogging & social media marketing!

Shubhi, today is a successful blogger and a digital media marketer and has worked with some renowned restaurant chains as their marketing specialist. Shubhi says, “It’s because of blogging, that I entered the field of F&B, and it helped me understand the dynamics and prospects for media marketing in the industry.”

Shubhi funnily recalls, when she had started her blog in 2014, it had only 10 followers including Shubhi herself but today it is quite successful with followers pan India. Her major growth has been witnessed when Shubhi started doing a meet & greet sessions with her readers and received tons of hugs and thank-you notes,. She loves meeting people and interact with them, and has been a problem solver for so many of them personally & professionally both! People love this hard-working, dedicated lady today and reach out to her for anything and everything, as she’s out there trying her bit to make this world a kinder place to live in.

To end, for Shubhi, Blogging is a 24X7 job. She believes that if you want to keep excelling in this field, you have to keep playing with and innovating ideas that are unique, catchy and interest everyone! There’s no scope for going MIA (missing in action).