Digital Divide Budding Around The World

Digital Divide budding all over the worldDigital Divide budding all over the world

People are nowadays becoming tech-friendly; the internet is no more away from anybody’s reach. Because ICT (information and communication technology) people are becoming aware of a lot of technologies and information which was the main motive of ICT. But not everyone can get access to the internet; there is a digital divide in the world.

It has divided the world into two parts one part is digitally superior to the other. The wealth of the individual decides whether he would be able to afford the gadgets and technologies or not.

It is because of the ICT only that some countries and people develop and some not. There are certain factors responsible for this digital divide, being rich or poor, being a developed country or not, being a man or a woman, being literate or not, etc.

There is still a population in our world who is not able to get access to the internet; they are not knowledgeable enough to use the technology properly because they don’t have any kind of information regarding it so how will they use it.

It is also seen that digital divide is even done based on the gender of the individual, even today at many parts of the society girls are not allowed to use the internet as people think that they may ruin the girls and thinking and all and they may become rebels just by using the internet which is completely wrong perception.

The poor are becoming is poorer and the rich are becoming richer this is somewhat true with this parallel comes one more factor that is rich is becoming more knowledgeable and poor don’t. So not only becoming developed from one part is an achievement rather both the parts need to maintain the balance and finish the digital divide.

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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