How these duos overtook the success of their family business to next level: Lalaram & Tekram

These duos took over their family business and have fulfilled their dreams. They are becoming strong day by day!

They have changed face and the phase of Real Estate business.

They hail from Delhi. Among the duo, elder one is Lalaram who was born on November 1980 and the younger one Tekram was born on September 1982. The family is really lucky and blessed to have these two superheroes born under one roof.No one ever thought they will be great entrepreneurs one day.

Experience of a seasoned entrepreneur is precious – Their Father. He started off with this legacy and handed it over into the right hands. As we now see the successful stars here!

Their Father’s experiences have surely helped them to walk one step ahead to conquer their dreams.

Education and experience both go hand in hand and these rising stars completed their studies from the best universities.

Lalaram completed his study in International Business from Leeds University (UK) in 2002 and the younger one Tekram went to Cardiff University (UK) for MBA in the year 2004.

This indeed helped them to change the real estate face in India.As when returned after studies they were packed  with best education one can have.They were loaded up with good education, great ideas which they applied on growing their business and turning it into the best one.This was a stepping stone towards their journey of becoming successful entrepreneurs.

With business they also give importance to culture, traditions and beliefs that their family has been following. Taking care of business, family and their employees always has been their priority. Family bonds can also help prepare you for the tough times that may await you as an entrepreneur. 

They own Ramji Group. They bought a new revolution in the Real Estate industry and it all started in Delhi, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. With its success, they also explored more and expanded their businesses by starting up new ventures which include Solar Power and entered into Power and Resource Industry. They faced every challenge in the market.By now they have some unique experiences in their business journey.

They also extend their helping hands for a lot of charity work with different organizations.

Lalaram is a social butterfly as he is very active on Instagram and Facebook- always with some influencing posts, whereas Tekram maintains a distance from social media as he feels it’s not his cup of tea.

A lot of us view the concept of “sibling partnership” as two fighting for the last cookie in the cookie jar. But these siblings are taking it a step further as they work together with each other.

By TIS Staffer
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