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Kuldeep Singh’s inspirational journey from a local shoe manufacturer to the director of Sanfrissco Shoes

Do you remember how you used to dream about opening a business of your favorite thing when you were a teen? While many of us realized that the careers we choose in childhood aren’t a cup of tea for us still there are some people who were very passionate about their dreams and they do put their heart and soul into them. One such inspiring person among us is Kuldeep Singh Kohli, the founder of the brand Sanfrissco.

 Due to being born and brought up in Agra, Kuldeep was always fascinated by the footwear industry. The main reason for this was that Agra is the hub of many shoe manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, and traders, thus he was always surrounded by the people of this industry. All these people and this industry made him more and more determined about opening his own factory or business. As a result, with the help of his family, Kuldeep started his own shoe factory in the year 1993. His family invested around 2 lakh rupees in his business. The factory used to manufacture shoes for other brands for the initial 12 years but unfortunately, there was a lack of orders and this led to the loss of money that was put into fixed plants and machinery.

No matter what hardships came along the way, Kuldeep Singh was adamant and he kept working hard in order to keep his factory running. With the help of small orders, he gradually built his cash flow and then kept reinvesting in the business by investing in high-quality raw materials for his finished products. In the start, it was hard to find clients as fewer people knew and trusted him but over some time more orders came when Kuldeep became well known in the market.  This was the moment of truth for him and he realized that if he wants to last long in the market then he will have to make a brand rather than just remain a contract manufacturing company. Therefore, in 2005 he gave all in and started his own men’s shoe brand Sanfrissco. In the beginning, the company used to manufacture formal leather footwear for men but now it has expanded its horizon.

At the present time, Sanfrissco not only sells formal shoes but also sells other types of shoes, sneakers, boots, loafers, sliders, etc. The company’s turnover rose from Rs 11 crore in 2018-19 to Rs 30 crore in the year 2021-22 and it has been in profit since the last five years. The shoes are available in over 1000 retail outlets across India but 70% of revenue comes from online sales while 30% of it comes from offline outlets.

At first, the brand did not have any target customers and was just catering to middle-aged men but in 2014-15 with the hype of the eCommerce world, Kuldeep understood the importance of online stores and thought that it was necessary to list his brand on major eCommerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. Sanfrissco also launched its own online shopping portal in the year 2017  and later added a high-end vertical known as Sanfrissco Luxor in the year 2020. Kuldeep Singh Kohli’s journey and success story is a great example,  he inspires us to never give up no matter what struggles come along the way.



By TIS Staffer
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