Makeup and Woman- an inseparable bond and here are 5 makeup mistakes every newbie should avoid


Women have been using makeup for ages. Makeup helps them to enhance their beauty in every context but do you know beauty and makeup are something where errors are very common, which can ruin your whole look.  Some of the most common makeup blunders we do are, using too much foundation, not blending the eyeshadow properly, and picking up the wrong lipstick shade.

Here we are providing you with the list of 5 makeup mistakes every woman should know and take care about are:

1) Not paying attention to preparing the skin 

If you want to apply anything new to your face, make sure that your skin is ready for it. For this primer works properly. It works as a barrier to the skin, which protects the skin from any product used on your skin. 

 2) By not choosing the right foundation shade

The function of the foundation is to provide an even base to the face and to help it to look fresh, but many women don’t know how to choose the right shades of foundation according to their skin tone. Getting very light or very dark shades will never make you look fresh, so always remember to check the foundation shade by putting it on your jaw and neckline, before you buy it.

3) Unnecessarily applying bold eyeliners

Many women overly highlight their eyes with bold eyeliners, by miss-matching eye shadows, so try to avoid heavy bright-colored eye-makeup as they may turn up looking shimmery and loud on camera. 

4) Highlighting too many features

Many times women go a bit overloaded by putting a thick layer of blush, heavy eye-makeup and glossy lips, so when you are applying makeup, concentrate on the areas that you want to grab the attention, and don’t make your entire face shout for attention.

5) In choosing lipstick shades 

Some women choose lipstick shades like burgundy, brown, dark pink, fuchsia, purple, mauve, etc according to their dress, which turns them into a glossy zombies.

Makeup plays a very crucial part in every woman’s life, it gives them confidence. So first learn this art and get ready to show your charm to the world.  

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