Sohail Monirul Shaikh, a Digital Creator With A New Release Planned

Sohail Monirul Shaikh

Although we do not have a scarcity of content creators these days, not every content creator is efficient enough to actually focus on quality. Hence not everyone likes all the content creators and influencers that have been coming up these days, but what are the true qualities that every digital creator must possess and how should their creations be unique, completely different from what most others follow?

According to Sohail Monirul Shaikh, there must be a particular kind of balance between the content that they are creating, and the content that is already trending on the Internet. One of the most efficient methods according to him is to focus on the trending matters and make something out of that but add a hint of a personal touch so that it is also something that people admire but on the other hand an original work. Following such methods is Sohail himself, who has always wanted to succeed in life with a lot of vigour and determination.

Sohail Monirul Shaikh had gone on from working in his father’s shop to actually becoming a digital content creator. Although it was not very easy for him to shift his career, he was very proud of himself for going through every challenging situation and for realising the particular way using which he can overcome the problems and become established.

Finally, Sohail trained himself to create the best kind of content, which is not only of the regular nature on his Instagram account other social media handles but also of good enough quality to attract different people in his fan following rather than only impressing the already existing fanbase. Hence out of innovative creations, Mera Bhai Tu was born and the song became an immediate hit, gaining around 32 million views. It was trending to a greater extent, so much that people on different apps were using the song as a background and were actually indirectly promoting it, making everyone aware of its existence and contributing to popularising it.

To recreate the success of the first, the second part of the hit song, titled Mera Bhai Tu 2.0 is also upcoming. Sohail Monirul Shaikh has worked very hard on the song and he wanted to promote the good qualities and values that the song possesses in general. Now we only wait till the 16th of June so that we can also enjoy the amazing song with our best of friends. Aren’t you excited? Stay tuned to his social media account, because you certainly do not want to miss any updates from Sohail Monirul Shaikh.

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