Started as a passion, Jerlyn D’silva has now made blogging a part of her life

Life brings a lot of unexpected turns along its journey. What matters is how you grab onto the seatbelts and embrace whatever is put on the way. Keeping an open mind and taking leaps of faith is a thing of prime importance to manifest yourself in today’s era. Jerlyn D’silva, a digital influencer, took hold of the rollercoaster of her life and found her way amid the thousand lanes.

Having started as a food blogger, while writing for a food and search engine, Jerlyn has now expanded her domains to lifestyle, fitness, fashion, travel, and many more. Blogging was not her first choice. Jerlyn initially was interested in becoming a pastry chef and hence catering to her interests she started baking at the age of 15. With life having its way with her, she started to study marketing but in the end, went to work at a radio channel crediting to her creative skills. Having a knack for writing, the former radio jockey then began working as a senior content writer, constantly polishing her skills.

How did blogging fall into the picture?

Blogging was never Jerlyn’s first choice. She went on to explore a plethora of fields, including marketing and public relations before the day she found her mentor who persuaded her to begin food blogging. Talking about her encounter with the best, the blogger says, “Seby Singh, a blogger from New York is the lady who pushed me forward to share my dining experiences with the world. People started engaging with my content and I eventually developed an interest towards it. And later I saw that people are making a living out of it and this is serious business. I started brushing up my skills, investing in a good camera, bought myself a domain name and now the world knows me by my name. I am glad to have met Seby at the time I did. I owe her this one.”

Being acquainted with the know-how of the industry, Jerlyn understands the rat race people are in over the digital media. The race to have the maximum number of followers has surpassed the importance of delivering quality content. She believes that people should not simply rush but stay on their grounds and grow with time.

Owing to her constant hustle in the field, Jerlyn D’silva has grabbed many accolades for her work. She was featured in Femina India Magazine and has also bagged herself the title of Top Five Women Writers of India at the Orange Flower Awards and is a five-time nominee for the prestigious FBAI awards. She has also been featured in Pune Times as one of the Best Food Bloggers in town.

Being a foodie by heart, Jerlyn takes delight in the fact that she could taste the best delicacies in the world and do it for a living. Her love for traveling and exploring places has given her some very exciting opportunities in life. She doesn’t make plans for her future now. The uncertainty is what has suited her the best, and she is continuing to face life that way.

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