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The Man behind the scenes Prof. Devendra

Prof. Devendra

Prof. Devendra Kumar Saini was born in a small village of Rajasthan known as Lisariya which falls in the Sikar district. Born and brought up in a craft-oriented family he was schooled in the village itself. After his 12th class, his interest in chemistry suddenly grew he started solving high-level chemistry books, his curiosity knew no bounds ever since. Soon after his college days, his passion had grown ten fields.  

He started teaching in a renowned institute in the Sikar. His career kick-started soon after as the response and feedback were exceptional.  He became more popular in his field when questions from his syllabus started to appear in Jee Mains and NEET.

In 2020 he set up his own institute in Jaipur, with an aim to provide education to more people at a reasonable price. Covid 19 put his plans at a halt as lockdown stopped the offline classes from further proceedings.  
He then joined an institute at a H.O.D level. He knew his struggle would get his hands on his dreams. He joined hands with his friends Sir. Piyush Soni and Sir. Lalit Sharma and reopened the institute Prayas. The institute provides both offline and online courses.
The main goal is to take the institute to an all-India level and provide coaching for NEET, JEE MAINS  at an affordable price.

His teaching experience is very close to his heart and he believes it’s what makes him.
Teaching Experience — 6 years
He has have successfully produced thousand plus doctors and engineers
Achievements — 
H.O.D of Chemistry — Reputed institute in Sikar & Jaipur
— Director & Educator  – Prayas institute Bhilwara
— Director & Educator — W.O.C. – for NEET JEE ( MAIN +  ADVANCED ) IIT-JAM, CSIR, NET, JRF, GATE& Chemical Science

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