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The last couple of years were marked by ups and downs, particularly as a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Many successful Indian entrepreneurs have pursued business possibilities and put their ideas to the test. While some have failed, others have thrived like nothing else. Because it provides low-cost trained labor, money from national and international investors, and opportunities to grow, India has been encouraging the growth of startups., a firm that provides the same, has raised $500K (INR 3.8 Crore) from India’s top venture capitalists and angel investors and is expanding with its investors.

Being the fastest start-up in M.P. to raise venture capital in just 13 months, with the youngest entrepreneur from M.P. to raise venture capital. It all started in 2020 when the founders Arnav Gupta (CEO), Sandeep Panda ( CTO), and Swapnil Tripathi (CRO) started their fantastic journey. And in a year, they were the first start-up based out of Bhopal to raise Venture Capital. The company is a family which has been built up by all three co-founders as: Family. After proper market and demand-supply research, they came up with the idea of creating a productivity tracking solution. They observed that due to work-style changes both the employee and the employer are struggling. Also realized the need for an application that can fit in with these work-style changes and then was incepted. always attempts to make work more accessible and more comfortable. It is said that the workspace is an employee’s second home, so we attempt to create an entirely transparent, unbiased, and productive workspace. It also helps the employer to be a boss and a friend to the employees at the same time. When asked about all the people who are an irreplaceable part of their journey, the founders of stated, “We want to express our deep gratitude to all the participants led by GSF India, SucSeed Venture partners, Campus Fund VC, Vishal Gondal: founder of GOQii, Akbar Khan: CEO of RainPay, Dilip Srivastava: Former President of HCL, Kanwaljit Bombra: Founder of Ncore Games, Kaar Technologies, Ah Ventures Stratcap Advisory, and Vigyan Lodh. We are so grateful to expand our family.”

Talking further about the kind of bond that shares with its consumers, Swapnil Tripathi, Co-founder, and CRO stated,  “Through our short and lovely relationship with our customers, we have realized that being part of a customer’s success journey is the most powerful sales and marketing strategy. The connection between our success and our customer is much more direct and felt in SaaS Model.”

The brand is overwhelmed and thankful for getting the opportunity to make its workspace productive and prosperous. In December 2020, their beta version was released, which had all the core functionalities or features like the screenshot, Dashboard, Application Tracking, and Reports. And within 2 months, they achieved another milestone by completing 500 beta users. As it is well said, “It is well said that the journey beautifies the destination.” Each month that passed made their journey more exciting, in February 2021, the Indian government recognized them as #Startup India. And the very next month, they went live with paid channels as mainly provided free trials and demos earlier.2021 turned out to be’s charm, and they went international by gaining users in The United States Of America, Australia, and 6 more countries. 


The founders of the company believe that they are just getting started, and there is a long way to go. But,’s ship has left the shallow waters, and it is floating on the waves of productivity. They attempt to strengthen the employee-employer relationship because, at the end of the day, the organization is their family and helps people build a transparent and healthy relationship with it. 

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