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Make way for Arron, raring to take over the world of music as a true-blue singer and artist


Arron has even aced the game in music mixing and mastering and has worked with many greats in the Punjabi music industry.

When people speak largely about the growth of certain industries and fields, they also mention about the excellence and genius that youngsters bring along with them in the same. These youngsters make sure to put every possible effort to inspire greatness in their fields and put a firm step ahead to emerge as one of the finest talents across the world. The music industry is one space that has always welcomed many such highly driven and passionate professionals, be it as singers, composers, songwriters, mixing masters, producers, artists, etc., out of which a few of them go ahead in getting the industry to the next level of success. We came across one such passionate musical artist and singer named Arron, who has even spellbound people with his incredible skills in music mixing and mastering.

Who is Arron, you ask? Well, this young guy has been making quite a noise around himself and his work in the Punjabi music industry. He confesses how since his growing up years, he felt a close inclination towards music, and this led him to cross boundaries and create his unique career in the same. Taking inspiration from the many greats in the industry, Arron kept honing his singing and songwriting skills, which increased his confidence and made him a prominent name in the industry.

His euphonic sound in the song “Telephone” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1oykThffiU) prove his madness and love for music. He has mastered his talents as a music mixer and master and hence has been able to work along with many preeminent personalities of the music industry with music projects that have gone ahead in touching the right chords of people’s hearts.

Arron has so far worked on songs like Adhiya by Karan Aujla, Sakhiyaan by Neha Malik, Harnoor’s songs, and songs of Arjan Dhillon and Nimrat Khaira. Apart from them, he even worked with Diljit Dosanjh on his album Confidential and his latest film Honsla Rakha’s first song, “Sher”.

With so much experience in the music world and his rising career as a singer and songwriter, Arron wishes to do more and be more in the industry. Till then, do follow him on Instagram @arron_official.

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