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Makeup Artist Fatima Khan Is Loved for creativity and fulfilling desires of the heart

Ever wondered what a touch of change could make you rule? Whether it’s the place you live or the face you carry, all need perfection when there are many people out there looking for you. I sometimes wondered how people, the brides, all of them get such great makeup with a natural look on their face. You might be thinking it might be high on cost but trust me, Fatima Khan from Hyderabad is going to leave you all stunned. She is one such person who has provided a glowing look for the evening to more than 1000 of her clients. Not only this, but she was also recognized and awarded with the India Lifestyle Award, 2015. Amazing, isn’t it? On one hand, where the part of the society think of such people as having no career, Fatima by the establishment of FK makeup studio in 2014, did prove, that you can make your life in every sector, just with the right attitude and the patience and hard work.

She is one such person who we can call the start of one-night. It was not that she always planned to do this, it was a sudden idea which made her what she is today. She says, ”I never thought my family would ever consider my career the right choice. Being a makeup artist, well, that was a sudden thought, they might have doubted it but no, they trusted their daughter, my in-laws trusted me and I really, really can’t stop thanking them enough for what they have done for me. The support I received, the love I had, all made me achieve the ultimate target of being the best in my field. I wish all the daughter-in-law of India receive such father, brother, husband and in-laws who trust them to make a life of their own.”

A start from Hyderabad, this Hyderabad based MUA, chose her career and now serves the world for having their already special day made a bit more special. Her co-workers did have a lot to say about her when we contacted them. One such person among them came forward to give us the following about her. She said, “Fatima’s decision, well, it is something not just we trust, but is trusted by every single lady who enters our makeup studio for getting the best. It might be any occasion, skin tone or outfit, she loves to give a special look to all.” They also said that, “the start they made was small but soon, Fatima realised that every professional in her team should be an expert in what they hold, just like the airbrush makeup or the cut crease eye makeup, smoky eye makeup, HD Makeup, etc. we all knew a step ahead in this will be a better idea. For us, if Fatima trusts her instincts, we trust her.”

Fatima wasn’t surprised but she was thankful to all when she got to hear this and said, “Every lady deserves to look her best and especially on her wedding day when she needs to be her best by every means. I am here, to make every eye fall on her and every bachelor present there at the location to think, I wish I would have met her earlier. This is funny but trusts me, we give our best and me, well, I don’t give a single chance to any of my clients be dissatisfied by our work. My special attention as you all get to know is the brides and I do take extra efforts to make them remember the day forever. Our flawless, long-lasting smudge-proof makeup, is the one to trust as the same wouldn’t flow out with the tears of brides. We use the best of what we can as because our customers are the main. We treat them as our family members who are going to be in the lamplight of their night.

By every single means, Fatima tries to provide her clients with the best and this is the reason why they have reached out to be loved by 47K followers on her Instagram handle. Fatima and her highly skilled team members are always warm and welcoming for all and are favorite among the city’s bride. They have reached out to many people through YouTube channel too. They are playing their part well along by every means in which not just they but every video uploaded is a life for many who want to learn.

“For what you desire, is what we present. For you believe, is what are we are here for. No, we are not your dream but probably we are your best of dreams come true”, says Fatima for all.

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