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Manas Arora- the new rising star in the singing fraternity

Music is one of the things we all love listening to, be it while cherishing a memory, at a function,…

Manas Arora- the new rising star in the singing fraternity

Music is one of the things we all love listening to, be it while cherishing a memory, at a function, or in our free time. A lot of individuals not only love listening to songs but singing them as well. Becoming a professional singer is a dream of many aspiring youngsters.

However, there are a lot of factors which are required to make it big into this highly competitive, ever-evolving industry. A combination of talent, dedication, luck, timing, and network coupled together is what it takes to produce a playback singer. Loaded with all of these, Manas Arora, a young sensational singer has made a place for himself in the Indian Music Industry.

Manas Arora, who hails from Kanpur, started his career as a musician in the year 2007. He has always been passionate about singing since he was 10 years old. Manas used to watch and listen to singers that used to sing in reality shows. He used to observe them and tried to adopt their way of singing focusing on the smallest possible detail. Manas, during his childhood, was trained by Gopal Sharma, the winner of SA RE GA MA PA in the year 1998.

The young lad is a National Awardee in the ÂAll India Singing Competition and has been awarded the prestigious Nitin Mukesh award as the best playback singer in the year 2016 for his exceptional singing talent. To his credit, Manas was also among the Top 5 singers and the only one from Uttar Pradesh who competed with singers across India in the very famous ÂSangam Kala National Singing Competition.Â

Speaking about his journey, Manas says ÂSinging is something which always gave me a sense of happiness and since childhood, it was my dream to become a singer. I have always believed Âif you can dream it, you can definitely achieve itÂ. My journey has been an incredible one. Full of ups and downs, but it was my passion that despite facing some hardships, I never gave up on my dream to become a singer and here I am.Â

Manas, being trained under the well-known classical vocalist Ustad Ghulam Mustafa Khan and Qadir Mustafa Khan has performed in front of the oscar-winning singer AR Rahman. He was also among the 45 best singers from across India in the famous reality show- Arrived. The show was also judged by an esteemed panelist of judges consisting of leading playback singers like Shaan, Vidya Vox, and Clinton Cerejo.

The talented singer has a lot of achievements to boast of. Manas, who is a rising star and has performed with many leading singers from the Indian Film Franetity which includes the likes of Hari Haran, Shaan, and Sonu Nigam. Hari Haran, impressed with his singing abilities, invited him to his residence and had tea with him and asked Manas to sing Bahon Ke Darmiyan and the latter was praised by the ace singer for his beautiful performance.

Recently in the year 2020, he set The Guinness Book of World Record as Largest Indian Cinematic Music Band in which more than 1000 musicians participated together with the famous composer Pritam Chakroborty. His song ÂSajan Bin was a sensation and till now has crossed more than 3 lakhs views on Instagram and was a chartbuster. Manas has a decent fanbase on Instagram and is connected to various famous personalities like Hritu Zee, Taasha Hayat and also several leading singers from the music fraternity which includes Akanksha Sharma and Sunil Kamath. Following his dream, he recently launched his very first song ÂTere Bina Jeena Nahi on the video streaming platform, YouTube. The song garnered a huge response and he was applauded for his phenomenal singing talent.

During the covid, he has the opportunity to work with famous Bollywood playback singer Nikita Gandhi who is the singer for many Bollywood hit songs such as Qaafirana, Nach Meri Rani for a fundraiser event. The amount collected through the event was used for the noble cause of purchasing oxygen cylinders and medicines for the underprivileged and the poor people. Manas also had the privilege to collaborate with Amitabh Bachchan and the Mumbai Police as a voice-over artist. He is currently working on several projects and his single is slated to release soon on all social media platforms. With so much talent, experience, and hard work, one can, without a doubt, say that Manas Arora has a long and bright career ahead.

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