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Manike Mage Hithe- A Song With A Magnificent Thought By Neelam Sahu

‘Manike Mage Hithe’, one of the renowned works is a song with huge fame. “Manike Mage Hithe” is now touching…

Manike Mage Hithe- A Song With A Magnificent Thought By Neelam Sahu

ÂManike Mage HitheÂ, one of the renowned works is a song with huge fame. ÂManike Mage Hithe is now touching heights after it is recreated by a great personality. This cover song is gaining immense fame due to the beauty of the voice behind the song. Neelam Sahu is a woman with a vision to go beyond the limits and to see what everyone feels is difficult to view. Her unflinching attitude and courage to do something better in society are bring her to the top always. This song ÂManike Mage Hithe is created by Neelam Sahu for creating awareness about one of the most neglected issue in todayÂs world. She gave an astounding message in this song. According to her, a girl (or woman) is always the epitome of sacrifice. The girl goes through a lot of hurdles and faces huge obstacles in her life. In the end, she pretends to be ÂOk with whatever is happening, and never raises her volume. In this society where women are only treated and taken as an option, thing, and sin. Neelam Sahu through her outstanding work tried to convey the message to folks, that girls are also pivotal in society. A woman deserves equal respect and dignity as of man, and this patriarchal society should definitely comprehend the fact to be true.

This song by Neelam Sahu would help many people to get an idea of how much pain a woman may face just to protect everyone around us. Another most disturbing thing about any woman is Âconstraints. Constraints, liabilities, and limitations work as a package of bad luck that every woman may suffer at some point in life.

The singer of the cover song is a woman with a plucky attitude towards all the problems. She always believed to be a woman with gaols and dedication to bring on success. She is a brilliant multitasker well for amazing writing skills. She is also a tremendous speaker and a great wordsmith with an intention to do something good in society. The upbringing of the singer was done entirely in Madhya Pradesh.

Being a pampered and a loving child of her family, Neelam Sahu was always been encouraged by her family to do something good in life. She considers herself as the luckiest girl to have such a cooperative and supportive family that always ask her to pave the way towards success. After completing her study in Madhya Pradesh (Bijori), Neelam took the decision to fly to Bhopal for further education.

 After trying and exploring so many things, Neelam found started enjoying writing a lot. From the very beginning, Neelam was extremely brave and courageous to try something new and challenging. She never restricted her life to the study she had done. She believed in creativity and learning. Now, she is also into YouTube and gaining enough fame for her videos.

Neelam Sahu being herself a woman with a vision of freedom tried her best to make a way for many women who are still suffering from many problems. You can definitely hear this pleasing song with unbelievable top-rated lyrics with an intention to help some women to get their rights.

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