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Manish Yadav’s book ‘Money Machine’ motivates youth to become financially independent

As a matter of course, Investing is the only way to attain financial freedom. We all have financial goals to…

Manish Yadav’s book ‘Money Machine’ motivates youth to become financially independent

As a matter of course, Investing is the only way to attain financial freedom. We all have financial goals to fulfil all the dreams of our life, as, without a plan or purpose, we might not save at all. But, to start with saving finances, one must begin with investing to earn. Investing is simple, but it’s not just about investing in anything. A structured process or strategic planning is needed to develop that discipline of investing in suitable products. Author Manish Yadav‘s book ‘Money Machine’ talks about all those strategies to achieve financial freedom. The earlier you start to invest, the faster you gain financial freedom.

The book “Money Machine” by Author Manish Yadav is an eye-opener for the one who wishes to invest or want to invest and takes you to explore the reality far from preconceived notions with various appealing instances. The Author made a brilliant attempt to guide the readers and the young individuals to set their foot on the right track with their investment plans. The book looks at financial planning and teaches financial independence with its step by step guide to achieving financial freedom and highlights its importance these days, together with busting the misconceptions associated with it. The Author brilliantly passes on the message to all for setting life goals, big and small, monetary and lifestyle and devises a strategy for achieving them.

Manish shares his experience of the last five years of his life. The way he had deliberately invested his time and attention unravelling few Forex Industry secrets that made him travel the world for his dedication to cryptocurrency, which was relatively new globally. He had realized and learned that the only way to get command was through hard work and commitment. It had made him know that there is nothing as such that attracts wealth quickly. Patience is the key because every response requires time, and if you are not a patient dealer, then you won’t be able to wait for entries for days or even hours.

The Author has shown the path to its readers to become financially free and how reaching financial freedom can genuinely change an individual’s life. Eventually, financial independence gives one everything they need for a better life. The Author has made a terrific move with the book “Money Machine” that covers all the areas of stock trading and foreign exchange from introductory, its pros and cons, a framework for building a low-risk portfolio and teaches all the aspiring investors to make the wisest investment decisions. The book is a must-read for all aspiring investors. It provides experientially based teachings like keeping your emotions out of investing. The book advises the readers with various techniques to frame an investment strategy that works.

Manish believes that there is no secret to success and growth as he firmly believes that the only way a person can grow is through only hard work. He shares his experience from his personal life how people observe his luxurious lifestyle, they think it might be easy. However, the truth of the matter is he is always hard at work every single day. When most people are sitting idly and relaxing, he makes the most of it by utilizing that leisure time by studying hard and builds a network.


Author Manish Yadav is an Entrepreneur, Affiliate marketer, Investor, blogger and Cryptocurrency Expert. He hails from a humble middle-class family with a dream to grow big as he feels one needs to dream big to grow big. Like every other entrepreneur, his journey also has been full of ups and downs with daily bumps and bruises. However, he remained energized throughout, focusing only on moving ahead with a long term mission to make a real difference in the world. Indeed, he did make a difference which is evident from his lavish life now after much struggle. However, he has not taken anything for granted as he considers every day a new day of learning because life never stops teaching!

Brace yourself and probe deeper with “Money Machine” realizing worldwide.

The book is dedicated to that chunk of audience keen to invest in the market with investment in share market and get the most out of their investing. This book serves as a knowledge bank for any new investor, and a must-read for all.