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Manoj Sharma publishes his first book despite all challenges

Manoj Sharma

“When some memorable incident happens in your life, it changes your destination, ways, and thoughts. I have gone through some cruel circumstances that inspired me to write and share with people.”  — Manoj Sharma 

Manoj Sharma is a Novelist and started writing stories and poems back in his school days. He belonged to a small town in Haryana. His father always supported him in the ups and downs of his life and motivated him. He has a keen interest in computers and technology. After graduation, he did an MBA and simultaneously began working at his first job. But his dreams were different, and he left the job. After joining his father’s business, he began writing poems but never published them. 

During his school days, he was in a relationship with a girl who was diagnosed with a deadly disease in her adulthood. She asked him to tell their love story to the world before she dies. In the year 2020, in the lockdown period, he grabbed the benefit of time and wrote his first book. 

Robert Bruce was inspired by a spider. He saw that the spider finally climbed up on the net after failing many times. This motivated him to gather his soldiers and win the war. Being inspired by him and after getting rejected multiple times, he published my first book, “The Dooms Wounds.” 

This book did well and soon he was getting offers to write for different platforms. Some of the Publishers offered him to publish his upcoming books with them. Then with the help of his friend and a bestselling Author, Sanjay Lunia, he executed his second fiction book named, “Lockdown Tragedy”. This book became a bestseller within 24 hours of its launch on Amazon. 

His third book, named “A Journey to Lethal Days” has been launched as an Ebook on Amazon and has achieved the title of a bestseller. His third book is based on a train hijack done by the militants in Assam on some disputes over the policies of the government. The book, with all its twists, is unputdownable. The book is filled with gripping suspense and mystery. The paperback version will be out in April. 

There are many more projects on the way. He believes that God has blessed everyone with a special skill. It is you who has to identify your inner power. If you are going through mistakes and face hurdles, it means success is on the way. 

You can follow the author on his Instagram handle: @authormanoj

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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