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Maulik Patel and Vidhi Patel share their success story of Inclined Studio

Inclined StudioInclined Studio

A photographer should have the creativity in his mind to present the subject in a different way which will help the clients to visualise the subject in a realistic manner.

Maulik Patel and Vidhi Patel are the owners of Inclined Studio in Ahmedabad. The motto of this company is to balance the concepts with technicalities. Everybody has a creative mind, and creativity is very important for photography. Having new ideas, and practising their implementation in real life is what Inclined Studio is famous for. This important and unique characteristic has helped them to win quite a few awards, such as in 2017 their work managed to secure the cover page of IIID Magazine, and Timeless living in 2018. More than 150 projects were published in renowned magazines, which tells a lot about Inclined Studio’s quality of work.

Exemplary photography, interior, and landscape sectors are the specialities of Inclined Studio. According to Maulik Patel and Vidhi Patel, clients are the backbone of the company. A satisfied customer is the best thing the owners wish for. Both of them do their best through the lens to understand the depth of the client’s values and individuality.
Inclined Studio works on the basis of the client’s needs, and the team takes an idea from the visualisation of the clients and takes it through the development to realisation. The belief in the traditional methods to win the battle with the modern world. Traditional approach along with the innovative mindset makes this studio one of the best in this field.
Inclined Studio was established in 2015, and till 2020 it has successfully completed more than 700 projects in this past 5 years, which is a great achievement. All these projects were based on the above-mentioned disciplines. Inclined Studio has been published in many renowned publications, including interior design books and architectural design magazines. Maulik Patel and Vidhi Patel are different from their educational background. Maulik Patel is an interior designer, whereas Vidhi Patel has completed her degree in architecture.

Maulik Patel says, “life is full of surprises, it is really, as they say, a rollercoaster ride, full of adventures.” He never thought of working in commercial projects, but after completing his degree in interior design, he started working in various projects, and one thing led to another, which brought him to this destination. Now Maulik Patel is shooting interiors for architects, buildings, structures, hotels, and different companies in Gujrat and outside of the state.
Being an architect, Vidhi Patel states some basics of architectural photography. She states that the documentation of structures, hotels, or buildings from a realistic or artistic point of view, is known as architectural photography. Interior photography is like a jigsaw puzzle which you need to solve for the sake of your client’s visualisation. Composition of light, blending of colour, focus, angles, space, and the phase of the day, everything is needed to be colonized with perfection.

Inclined Studio has redefined the idea of architectural photography by their unique idea of execution. The team helps the customers to get a proper visualisation of the building and structures without visiting them physically.
Inclined Studio also provides valuable database resources for the architecture students to expand their vocabulary. Maulik Patel and Vidhi Patel also use good equipment to run their projects smoothly.

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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